Cool Facts About Insurance

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You might have thought that you could never hear cool and insurance in the same sentence. Yet, here we are! The fact is that every topic has some cool facts that make almost everything more interesting. 


Including insurance.


We might think of it as that extra expense that we would rather not be paying, but the right insurance and the right public adjuster can make sure that you get what you are owed. 



Cool fact number 1

We are used to hearing about car insurance, home insurance, and life insurance. But did you know that there is a ‘hold-in one’ insurance? Golfing games can up the ante by adding big prizes to a hole-in-one. The award can be up to a cool £1 million! 

Cool fact number 2

When you think of big companies, you just know that they have huge insurance bills. But the company that pays the most for employee health insurance is Starbucks. 


And, while you might not be too enamored with how they pay other taxes (or don’t pay their taxes), they pay more for employee health insurance than they pay for their coffee. 


It was reported that Starbucks pays a whopping $300 million on health care for its employees, and even during a spending cut and closing of stores, Howard Schultzrefused to cut that number down. 

Cool fact number 3

 Short but cool fact. In the 19th century, people who attended the movies were so worried they might die from excessive laughter – they purchased insurance to cover it. 


The insurance can cover stand-up comics, comedians, and anyone who might kill someone because they’re just so funny. 

Cool fact number 4

There are several celebrities with insured body parts. Here are some of them:


Kieth Richards’ Hands are insured for $2 million, although there are mentions that it was the middle finger on his left hand, as that is the crucial finger. 


Kylie Minogue’s Bottom is insured for $5 million; she is quoted as saying, ‘you never know the future holds, it could become a pear.’


Miley Cyrus has her tongue insured for $1 million, much like Gene Simmons who insured his tongue before her, she values her pointy tongue.

Cool fact number 5

Are you worried that you might be abducted by aliens and like in the U.S? Well, fear not. You can purchase UFO insurance, which covers you should you be abducted (and able to prove it). There are insurance companies that specialize in this form of insurance and have been known to payout. 


Alien Abduction insurance has been available since 1987. 

Cool fact number 6

If you have heard of Cutty Sark, the next fact might be of particular interest. Cutty Sark offered a one million pound reward to anyone who could capture the Loch Ness Monster. 


They asked an insurance company to underwrite the contest, and the insurance company agreed – if they could keep the Loch Ness Monster when caught. 


While insurance is there to protect us and all we own, it is also has a cool past with a lot of milestones and unusual items too! 


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