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CORT is The Ultimate Hack For Your New Apartment

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of CORT for IZEA Worldwide. All opinions are 100% mine.

Apartment hunting can be one of the most draining adult responsibilities as a Millennial. After what felt like an eternity spent searching for an apartment you finally found the perfect new place in the heart of the city. Mission accomplished, right? Well unless you’re planning on camping out on the living room floor, you’re likely still faced with the task of furnishing the space. Going the piecemeal route of fitting old furniture pieces into a new layout can be less than ideal when trying to cultivate the perfect home in the middle of the bustling city.

Enter CORT . CORT is an ideal resource for creating the urban apartment aesthetic you’ve always dreamt of. From rugs to couches, desks to kitchenware, CORT has everything you could possibly need to furnish your new apartment. And you can literally curate, order and plan the delivery of your new furniture right on their website. Yes, you read that right. You can literally eliminate the hassle of moving boxes, renting a moving truck (which can be one of the most frustrating chores in a major city) and the hours of sweat and exhaustion of moving your old furniture yourself. Having moved many times in major cities I can tell you avoiding these headaches can be a game-changer.


As if the ease of having an entire apartment furnished at the click of a button isn’t enough, CORT Furniture Rental also offers a unique resource under the Ideas & Inspiration link on their website.  There you’ll find CORT blog and Design Guides that can help you find that missing piece to fit the vibe of your space. CORT also has Lookbooks you can browse which I found extremely helpful. As a fan of Danish design, I immediately scrolled through their Danish Modern section and curated an entirely new layout for my own loft.

CORT furniture

CORT is one of the best resources I’ve found that combines both design and ease for both curating and furnishing your new city apartment. Why go through the hassle and the added cost of moving and/or buying random pieces of furniture when you can curate everything to perfection AND have it delivered to your door right all on their website? It’s a no-brainer. CORT Furniture is the moving-hack you’ve been looking for.

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