Crap Eyewear

LOOKBOOK LUST: Crap Eyewear S/S 2016 Collection

I just found my new go-to for dope shades- Crap Eyewear. With glasses featuring rose gold lenses and ridiculously cute frames, this L.A. based eyewear company is everything you could hope for and more. What really sets Crap Eyewear apart from their competitors are their affordable prices. This is a brand that truly understands the fact we all want quality items that won’t break the bank. Check out the latest looks from Crap Eyewear below for their S/S 2016 Collection. Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-9 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-8 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-7 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-4 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-2 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-14 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-13 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-12 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-11 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-10 Crap-Eyewear-Spring-2016-Advertising-Campaign-1

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