Create Dope Looks Without Breaking Your Budget

Let’s be honest, part of the fun of putting together new looks is that we get to show them off to our followers online. Unfortunately, coming up with stellar outfits time after time can become an expensive affair! One that can have your bank balance looking a little sadder than you would like. The good news is that you can create social media and Insta-worthy looks without breaking your budget. Just follow the advice in my post below. 



1. Recycle pieces from last year. 


One of the smartest pieces of advice I’ve heard on this subject is to upcycle and recycle pieces from previous years and seasons. After all, in the real world, no one has the time or money to buy an entirely new wardrobe every 3 months. Something that will make your fashion content much much relevant to your followers. 


Of course, the key to doing this successfully is to choose hood pieces in the first place. That is classic items that you know won’t go out of trend in a short space of time. In fact, you can totally justify spending a little more on these pieces because you know you will get plenty of wart from them. 


2. Follow affordable influencers.


Another great way of creating social media-worthy looks on a budget is to make sure that you follow the right influences. Just like this one that runs an affordable fashion blog based in New York. In fact, seeing what other people are doing on a budget can be one of the most inspiring things. Even if you don’t replicate the looks exactly, it can provide you with an idea of how to style things without having to spend a fortune. 


3. Shop vintage and thrift.


Of course, thrift and vintage shopping is another fantastic way to save plenty of money but still get some stellar looks. In fact, some people devote their entire social media fashion content to vintage items. 


Obviously shopping for preloved clothes is a little different than buying things off the rack in a regular store. After all, you won’t often get a choice of sizes or colors. However, do remember that with a few simple stitches for a little home dye, you can quickly transform the item into something bang on trend and spectacular. 


However, if you’d rather not do the alternations yourself, there will likely be a local seamstress that will be able to do these things for you. Not to mention that by having your clothes altered in this way, they will fit you much better than anything off of the rack. 


4. Get into clothes swapping. 


Finally, you can gain access to a whole range of fashion items by embracing clothes swapping. This is when you get together with friends and fellow influencers and swap out items of yours that you no longer wear for items of theirs. 


In fact, there are multiple benefits to doing this because not only do you get clothes for free, but you can link back to the piece on their social media as well. Something that can help to create more interest and engagement on your posts. 


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