Creating a First Impression that Seals the Deal when it Comes to Your Home

The for sale sign alone isn’t going to sell your home. Nor are the obvious flaws and features of the home the only thing that people are going to notice during viewings. Style and aesthetic have a key role to play when attracting buyers. They form part of the first impression that can make any potential homeowner fall in love, so here’s how to get it right.



1. Create a warm welcome.

When we’re talking about first impressions, we have to talk about the curb appeal of the home. You don’t need to landscape it all over again, but make sure you tidy up your garden and if you can do it conveniently and at a low cost, add some new flowers that can give a touch of color. Repainting the exterior walls and help refresh the look at the home at a first glance, too.


2. Set the scene.

There’s a good chance you have removed most of your furniture during the selling process. Whatever you do, don’t let the home sit bare and lonely. Rental furniture companies do a great job of hosting an aesthetic you can port in the home with little effort. Choose the furniture that works best for the space. If you have big windows and lots of natural light, white furniture can help make the best use of it and reflect it around the home. If the house is better suited to a little “cozy” appear, then choose darker colors and natural materials.



3. But don’t go overboard.

On the other hand, if you do still live in the home and have many possessions in there, it might be time to start putting some away. If your tastes are a little eccentric or personal, they can distract from the overall picture you’re trying to paint. One of the many mistakes people can make when selling is leaving personal pictures up, too. You want to make it easier for potential buyers to imagine what it can be like to be there. That can be difficult with the faces of your loved ones around every corner. Read the detailed guide here:


4. Freshen it up.

Take a once over just to make the home feel livelier. Find the space for a gorgeous houseplant that adds a touch of green to it. Switch to lighter window treatments to let the sun in. Add lamps to banish darker corners in the room.


5. Don’t forget to clean.

It shouldn’t bear mentioning but, unfortunately, a lot of people don’t think to thoroughly clean their home before leaving it. We don’t just mean tidying things away, we also mean dusting, wiping down surfaces, polishing details like doorknobs and cabinet handles. If you have already moved out of the home, consider using a home cleaning service to take care of it for you.

Of course, the above tips have to be balanced with an approach that tackles any repairs and fixes you need to make, too. A pretty house isn’t going to be as appealing if there are signs of damp of electrical problems. Prepare the home both on the surface and underneath it.


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