Photo by Benjamin Voros

Creating Perfect Headspace in Your Urban Bedspace

Our bedroom is our haven, it is a place to relax and allow the stresses of the day to drift away as we sleep or just kick back. The modern urban design has  become one of the most popular decor trends of late and creating this style is easier than you think.

Bedded Bliss- Beds should be regarded with utmost importance. Choosing an urban bed design can go from deciding on wooden frames to chunky headboards so be sure to select something that completely mirrors your personality. Wooden beds are a huge statement piece in your bedroom. Go for a squared timber bed framing or even a four-poster bed. Take into consideration how well wood ages and goes with most decors so when you redecorate at any point, your wooden frame will still look good. Perhaps though wood doesn’t fit where your design ideas lie and would instead choose the fabric look.


Footstools- Ottomans will always fit right in alongside any urban style furniture and add a real sense of style to the room. These handy and multipurpose pieces come in a variety of designs and are as good on the eye as they are functional. Ottomans are more popular than ever and can create a gorgeous seating area on their own as well as a great way of putting your feet up next to your favorite chair.


They can also be utilised as a table, instead of the more traditional coffee or nest of tables. Impressive design effects can be achieved by merely covering the top in fabric, think Moroccan magic, then a glass tray with candles and glass pebbles, bringing light and chic calm. Perhaps creatively stack a few older backed books, ones with character, to catch the eye.


Other tables can be transformed with a little creativity. Your side tables can be converted into the perfect place for a selection of picture frames. It doesn’t stop there. A modern urban style is easy to achieve, and when considering adding lavish pieces to your tables, you will never go far wrong if you go for gilded tones and lighting. Placing a strand of lights into a statement golden opaque glass vase looks gorgeous, and aside from being really modern, this flourish will add some real classy flair as well as warmth. You could choose to place a wooden tray on top with crystals, varying cacti and candles to really nail the urban sense of style in your bedroom or even migrate this look to the lounge.


Talking specifically about the bedroom though, the list of wants for this critical room can go on and on. When you dig down to the essence of what you are looking for, finding precisely that can be a challenge when everything around you seems to fit perfectly.  Modern urban bedrooms are entirely enchanting. You can check out coastal furniture design ideas and opt for styles which accentuate your character.  With the right direction and advice as well as listening to your own sense of style, you will be able to create the ideal bedroom you have always desired.


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