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3 Ways to Deal With An Awful Boss

We all know that happiness at work matters. This is, after all, where you are for upwards of forty hours a week. 

The trouble is that a terrible boss can make sure that doesn’t happen. Whether they’re unapproachable, rude, or plain unprofessional; they can make your life miserable.

This boss debacle is such an issue that around 75% of workers claim to have left their job because of their bosses alone.

If you’re currently experiencing this, chances are that you feel as though you have no control over your work life any more, and that’s a sure way to dissatisfaction.

The best thing you can do right now, then, is to take back control of your happiness at work with the following steps. Here are steps to deal with an awful boss: 

1. Stand up for what you know is wrong

Now I know that sometimes, standing up to a bad boss directly isn’t possible. That’s where Human Resources comes in. As intimidating as it is, using them to address your concerns is so important.

If your boss is expecting you to work hours which are against the law, for example, it’s well within your rights to speak out. If they’re breaching your health and safety, you also owe it to yourself to confront the issue.

Have you already received an injury as a result of your boss’s negligence? Then you also shouldn’t hesitate to check out this firm’s dedicated attorneys to fight your corner for you.

Even if things haven’t got that far, speaking out is the best thing you can do to take back your career.

2. Get out of the office

In some cases, a boss will be so awful that you can’t be around them. If you feel horrible knowing your boss is in the next room, ask whether you can work at least some of the time remotely.

They might surprise you and say yes, given that allowing staff to work from home is mutually beneficial. This will then allow you to enjoy your work without having to worry about someone breathing down your neck.

You can bet you’ll find your boss far more manageable when they’re on Skype, and you can get yourself a nice cup of coffee as soon as they finish having a go.

3. Know when to draw the line

Leaving a job that you love because of a boss isn’t ideal. You may even see this as the opposite of taking control. We certainly aren’t saying that you should quit without thought. But, there needs to come a time when you do draw a line.

If your boss is making you dread heading to the office, it might be time to start looking on the side. Though it could feel like a defeat at the time, you can bet you’ll feel in control again when you find a position which allows you to enjoy your career again.

I hope these tips help with dealing with your awful boss! If you have any other tips, leave them in the comments below!

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