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3 Ways To Deal with Election Angst

Written by Malyka Cardwell, MFT.

Originally published on PhiladelphiaMFT.

Trump. Clinton. Pence. Kaine. Sanders. Stein. Republican. Democrat. Independent. Red. Blue. Green. Make America great again! I’m with her!
If the sight of these names and phrases have stirred up feelings of angst, you are not alone. Election cycles can be overwhelming no matter your political involvement and this year’s race is proving no different. The majority of the focus is on the state of the country, but your mental health is at stake as well. If you’re feeling stressed out by this year’s presidential race, here are three tips to help you get through:

1. Take a timeout: Walk away when you can. With the onslaught of constant campaign updates, it is important to take some time away from it all. Log out of your social media accounts for a few hours. Put down your phone. Walk away from the tv. Get active. Do anything that will take your mind off of what’s going on.

2. Focus: Give your attention to what is working well. When things get overwhelming we tend to only be able to cling to the negative. Avoid getting stuck in this pattern. Focus on the positive things that are happening all around you. Start small. Focus on one good thing that has happened to you since you opened your eyes this morning and build from there.

3. Normalize: It’s not abnormal to feel this way. Many people are experiencing these same feelings. Elections can be stressful for everyone, regardless of your level of involvement. Accept that these feelings are natural and also recognize that you will eventually get past them. This isn’t the first time the country has experienced turmoil and most likely won’t be the last. It may seem grim at the moment, but the one consistent thing we can do and have done is push through.

November is months away and there’s still a lot more coverage to endure. Follow these tips to help you find some form of solace. If you are having a hard time dealing with your stress levels, the therapists at Philadelphia MFT are here to help. Use our new online booking feature in order to schedule an appointment with us today!

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