8 Ways To Document Your Travels

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Documenting your travels is a great way to keep all of your memories and have them to look back on in years to come. You can unveil the small moments, which you may have forgotten about, through videos and images. Although the most common way to document memories on your travels is through taking pictures, there are other ways to document travels. On that note, here are the best ways to document your travels. 


1. Drone images and photos

Although a camera is a great way to take photos and videos, a drone can capture moments you have never seen before. Instead of only being able to take a photo of the landscape in front of you, a drone allows you to take photos with you in it. Once you zoom it into the sky or out in front of you, you can take pictures of your entire scene at the click of a button. 


Furthermore, you can capture professional and clear videos by hitting the record button and flying the drone through the air. No matter if you are cruising down the highway on a road trip or sitting on the beach, your drone can follow you wherever you go to capture the moments. To purchase a drone to capture your travels, find out more at DrDrone.ca


2. Keep A Diary

The old fashioned way of documenting travels is through a diary entry. Each day, or day you want to document, you head to a page with the date and where you are and begin writing about your thoughts and what’s happening. It is a nice way to look back on your memories through words instead of photos. If you want to, you could add images by sticking them onto the page. Or stick down a USB stick with your drone footage on. 


With a modern-day diary, you can document in multiple ways. But, to stick to the traditional means of it, always ensure to write down your memories as well as display them through images. 


In the diary, you can make a contents page to document different emotions or areas that you visit. Let’s say you visit Italy and in Italy, you head to several different towns and beaches. You could create a contents page with the name of the town or the beach as the heading. Then, you can easily reflect back on each place. You might sit down one day and want to remember your time on the coast of Positano, you can pick up the diary and head straight to the Positano section. 


3. Photobook

If you are someone who likes to take photos, then a photobook is a great way to document your travels. Here, you will display every photo you took and be able to flick through and reflect on the memories. 


You could add pictures you took on a disposable camera, your phone, or a professional camera, so long as you print them out. 


A photobook is a great way to keep all of your photos in one place and ensure that none get lost. Each photobook could be for a different area of the country, or for each trip you go on. 


4. Scrapbooking

For those who like to get creative, a scrapbook is a beautiful way to document your travels. You can stick down photos as well as memoirs from the trip. For instance, you might have kept some old currency. In which case, you could stick it down so that you don’t lose it and it’s also a great way to decorate the pages. 


In the scrapbook, you can write notes as well as design the pages in any way you want to. You could stick down photos and create fun borders with materials that you picked up from the trip. 


You could keep receipts and write notes down next to them about the experience that you had in the shop or the restaurant that the receipt is from.


There are so many ways that you can design scrapbooks to document your travels. It all depends on the theme you want to go with and how creative you are. 


Likewise, if you are someone who takes few photographs but does like to keep a memoir of them from trips, then you could create one huge scrapbook for all of your travels. 


5. Postcards

Postcards are an old but fun way of getting in touch with people from your vacation to let them know how you are doing and what you have experienced. You could send them home to family and friends, as well as write one to yourself for you to look back on. 


Although it might seem odd to write a postcard to yourself, it is a fun way of making memories and reading back your exact thoughts from that time. You should write the date and time at which you wrote it so that you know the exact timing of the trip and when you wrote the postcard. 


A postcard is something that you can decorate a scrapbook with so that you will never lose it and always be able to read back what you did. 


6. Video Montages

If you are creative on your phone or computer and like to make videos, then creating a video montage is a fun way to document and reflect back on a trip. This simply involves merging various clips together so that you can remember all of your best memories. 


You can film anything to put into a montage. The smallest memories and video clips are those that will make a huge difference to your video montage. For instance, filming you sipping a drink or picking up a cute puppy on the beach are moments that you might easily forget. Yet, you won’t forget them if you film them and put them into a video montage of your trip. 


7. Start A Blog

For the writers among us, if you are keen to keep a diary of your travels and want to share it with the world to inspire other people, then you might want to think about starting a blog. 


A blog is a great way to showcase your trip through writing and photos. You can write a blog as you would a diary entry and write down what you did each day. 


Or, you could share tips and/or recommendations of the places that you visit. You could write a blog post sharing the top 10 things to do in Sydney or share your favorite places to eat and rate them. 


There are so many ways that you can share travel advice and travel stories through a blog. With a blog, it is your own means of communication and you are in control. Thus, you can display your content in any way you like to inspire others and use it to reflect back for yourself.


8. DIY Art

Last but not least, you can get truly creative with a DIY art project. You could build a canvas to display your memories. You could add photographs or redraw the scenes. 


With DIY art, like a blog, you can display your memories in any way that you want to. You can draw, paint, add photos, stick down memoirs, and anything else that comes to mind when you want to reflect on memories. 


You could even create a new piece of art for each trip you go on and display them around your home. It is such a great way to add a personal touch to documenting your memories. 


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