Keeping Miles & Humphrey Safe With SaniPet

This post is sponsored by Sanipet. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

The recent pandemic has required us to alter many of our daily routines and habits. Gone are the days of forgetting to wash your hands or skipping the morning shower. Cleanliness and sanitization have become focal points in our fight against the spread of coronavirus. But what about our pets? It’s startling to think that, while focusing on self-sanitization so much, we may have forgotten to take care of our best friends. I know I would be lost without Humphrey and his baby brother Miles. Also, with the Coronavirus information constantly changing, part of me was incredibly nervous about the thought that they could be tracking germs into my home that would then make me and the few people I’ve seen during the pandemic susceptible to Covid-19.

After reading about a dog testing positive for Corona here in Georgia a couple of weeks ago, I immediately started to panic and search the internet for ways to keep my boys safe and virus-free during the pandemic! 

Enter SaniPet – a pet-safe, alcohol-free sanitizing spray that kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria on skin, coat and paws. It’s such an easy product to use. SaniPet literally comes in a spray bottle that I can spray on the boys when they leave the house and spray on them again when they enter. SaniPet reduces the spread or transfer of bacteria spread between dogs as well as by their surroundings as they come to and from the apartment for their walks. No more wiping them down with wet wipes that normally drive them both crazy! The spray also does an incredible job keeping their coats shiny and moisturized. It doesn’t leave their fur looking dry and brittle. 

Miles has recently made friends with a couple neighboring dogs, and SaniPet gives me the peace of mind I needed to let him romp around with them all afternoon without bringing any unwanted germs back into the house. Initially I was worried about the safety of sanitizers on dogs. Thankfully, with Sanipet, there’s no need to stress. Absorbine Pet Care™, SaniPet’s parent company, is family owned and has been specializing in safe pet products for over 128 years. The fact that it’s family owned and operated, makes me feel like they truly care about pet wellness and safety. 

It’s important to put as much effort into keeping your dog’s safe and sanitized as you would any other member of your family. I’ve been using Sanipet on Humphrey and Miles and love it! If you’re interested in finding more information about the brand visit their website and see why it’s an easy, safe option for taking care of you and your pups!


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