3 Reasons Why We Love Drake’s New Single ‘One Dance’


The international superstar served us with a double platter of sensation on April 5th when he released both One Dance and Pop Style. While both tracks are nothing short of Drake’s musical genius, One Dance stole our hearts with its unique sound. Here are 3 reasons to love this hit single:

1. The Contemporary Reggae Influence

As you move through the beat of this track, you can’t help but feel the urge to wine your hips. To our knowledge Drake is not of any Caribbean Descent, but from the way he sings the lyrics, “I need a one dance,” we’re tempted to question that notion.  The dialect just screams reggae influence. We respect him for his creative risks and who knows, maybe he was inspired by his Feature in Rihanna’s hit single Work. Whatever the reason, we’re glad he did it because it’s hard not to love this one.

 2. The Vintage Collaboration

Drake didn’t just think about himself when it came to this track, but he pulled in a sample from UK songstress, Kyla, known for her pop-techno track Do You Mind. While her single was popular in 2008 in Europe, its rebirth nearly a decade later has sparked a buzz around her name and a renewed interest in her own music career. Its a reminder of the time we live in as millennials and the artistic opportunity that surrounds us. So it’s not just the sound of One Dance that stole our hearts, but the impact its made on the artists its featured.


 3. The Eclectic Sound

Lets face it, we all get comfortable with the redundant trap style sounds we are fed through airwaves each week and while we all fall for its catchy glory, it is refreshing to be introduced to a range of sound from a mainstream artist like Drake. He combines modern reggae acoustics with an evocative timeless pop sound to create a seamless single, which will last us well into summer ’16.

Listen to Drake’s One Dance via Spotify here.


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