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Easy Ways to Help Save The Planet

In this day and age, we see everything. With social media and the internet, we can’t help but be aware of what’s happening to the world and the environment around us. We show concern for the animals that live alongside us, we show care for the environment around us and we make sure that we live in a way that is friendly to all. If you need more ideas of how you can live a more environmentally friendly life, we’ve got some for you. So many people think that they won’t be able to make a difference by making small changes. Well, the smallest changes sometimes can make the biggest impact. Here are some of those changes you can make right now.

1. Program Your Thermostat. If you are leaving the heating or air conditioning on all the time, you’re going to be wasting more energy than you think. By programming your thermostat, you can ensure that you are only using what you need, as you need it, saving the planet that little bit more.

2. Get Lazy. It may be nice to have an empty laundry basket, but for every load of washing that you do that isn’t full, you’re wasting energy. You could also try Better Life laundry detergent as opposed to your regular brand. It’s non-toxic and biodegradable, and it’s also kinder to the oceans. Being that little bit lazier by doing less laundry is going to do the planet a favor.

3. Go Postal. Did you know that receiving junk mail in the post is contributing to the number of trees that get cut down on a daily basis? Go to this website to stop receiving those pesky credit card offers in the mail and cut your junk mail down by half.

4. Filter It. Not many people enjoy drinking tap water due to the chemicals added. However, buying bottled water isn’t exactly friendly to the planet. Plastic is a big problem in our environment, and the less you use, the better off your wallet and the planet will be. Add a water filter jug to your refrigerator and get the best of both worlds with tap water and reusable jugs.

5. Upgrade. Your kitchen appliances need to be in top condition so that they don’t work too hard to provide the energy you need to cook and refrigerate. Replace them regularly enough that you are getting the best use without pushing them too far.

Your home is the first place you can be a superhero, and as you continue to make the smaller changes, you are part of the bigger ones.

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