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4 Ways to Fill Awkward Empty Space in Your Home

How do you feel about your home? Is it a generally tidy place, where you can relax with your family, and proudly invite guests over for a chat? Is it more of a messy area, with a lot of clutter in all the corners, and a kitchen that never seems to be clean, no matter how much you scrub it? Or maybe your home just seems a bit empty these days, and no matter where you look, you’re just not seeing the personality that you want to? 


If your home seems a bit empty these days, whether because you’ve had a good clear out of a lot of clutter, or you’ve moved into a new place that’s a lot bigger than your old one, your home can seem cold and clinical in its nature. You don’t feel too cosy whilst you’re there, and you don’t feel like you can get comfortable with a book or a cup of coffee, and spend a nice lazy afternoon in front of the TV. And no home is complete if it doesn’t invoke a few lethargic feelings here and there! 


So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to give you a few ideas on how you can fill up some of that negative, empty space in your home. After all, there’s a fine line between minimalism and having nothing to sit on. 


Is your living room as empty as this corner leads you to believe? If so, you’ve got some space filler ideas to look into!


1. Pop Some More Chairs Around


If you’ve got a lot of empty room in your home, why not sprinkle a few more chairs around the place? If you’ve got a roomy hallway into your home, put a chair next to the door. If you’ve got an island counter or breakfast bar in the kitchen, fit it with a few new stools. And if you’ve got a pretty big bedroom, put a whole new sofa in there can really encourage you to spend more time up there! 


Chairs are great for filling up space – they’re quite large, even when you’re only considering dining chairs, and they have a multitude of uses to them. They’re not just a new vase you quite liked from the antique store down the road, that could be knocked over when placed in a heavy traffic area.

You can use them as seating options, storage areas, display units or cases, as well as a hint of color in an otherwise bland and boring room. 


2. A Side Table Never Goes Amiss!


Side tables are wonderful for just adding a pop of interest to the empty walls and corners of your homes. You can keep all kinds of things on them, and even set up your own little vanity corner just before going out the door – wouldn’t it be nice to have a place to sit down and check your makeup, just before you need to rush out and get the day started? 


Side tables can come in all shapes and sizes as well, and even act as bureaus for odds and ends you have no other home for. They can be pushed up against the wall, to ensure they never disrupt the flow of traffic in your home, and they can be a great place to store your wallet and your keys if you tend to be somewhat forgetful! 

3. If You can Afford It, Fit a Fireplace on an Open Wall

Fireplaces can be a great addition to a home that has a lot of space to its name, seeing as they mostly cover a wall, as well as add a great focal point to an otherwise unbalanced area.

And if you’ve got a living room that has nothing but a sofa, TV, and a coffee table to it, you might just want to kick start your feature wall plans off with a bang! 


You don’t even need to have a way to vent the smoke and ash out of your home when you’ve got options like out there to invest in. If you don’t have to burn wood, and deal with the smoke that tends to create, you’re going to have a much more environmentally (and lung!) friendly central fireplace to cozy down in front of. 


And fireplaces come with mantlepieces, to bracket and contain them, which just gives you a bit more storage and decoration space to work with. Even just putting up a shelf can give you  the illusion that one day you’re going to cover it in personalized items that’ll look great! Give yourself the space to work with, and you’ll be forever reminded to get that fruit bowl filled up. 


4. Use Some Darker Pops of Color


We briefly mentioned hints and pops of color above, but now we’re going to go into some real detail! The more accents you have in your home, the cozier and closer it’s going to feel – instead of popping mirrors around to open up the space, you’re using darker tones and items to bring the walls in a little more, and make you feel a lot more comfortable! 


Try to aim for darker shades of blue, green, red, and purple. These colors always work best in the home, and can fade quite wonderfully into each other, if you’re someone who likes the ombre look of modern contemporaries.

Earthy greens work quite well in the bedroom too, and help to promote a neutral but comfy space – no matter the color of furniture you already have, whether it be brown or white, green works with everything! 


How Much Space Do You Have to Work With?


Because our homes can get very sparse, if we have little income to work with, or a strict budget that doesn’t allow for clutter. So save up some money, and make your interior design choices count! The more furniture you have to fill up a space with, the more practical and cosy that space is going to feel. Prioritize that in your home. 

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