Photographed by Johnny Cheng

UR OBSESSED: Esselle Hostess Box for The Perfect Dinner Party

Photographed by Johnny Cheng
Photographed by Johnny Cheng

UR OBSESSED: Esselle Hostess Box for The Perfect Dinner Party

Written By Danasia Fantastic

Photographed by Johnny Cheng

I tend to be a big picture planner. When it comes to throwing a party, I’m great at planning the big things- picking a location, getting people out there and making sure there’s plenty to drink (what’s a great party without great cocktails?). When it comes to the more intricate details, like decorations, table settings and making the venue look good- I get overwhelmed. That’s why when I heard about Esselle, I had to check it out! Esselle is an awesome company that creates these amazing vintage hostess boxes- complete with table runners, vases, candle holders, confetti and matching place settings. These beautiful boxes include everything you need to throw that awesome Thanksgiving dinner, you’ve been stressing about! Once I received the Amelia hostess box, I grabbed two of my blogging buddies, Megan from Lush to Blush, and Josie from Hello Josephine and we had the perfect fall gathering!



Everyone loved how detail oriented the hostess box was! Instead of your traditional name place holders, each guest was given a vintage key with their name attached. That was my definitely my favorite item included in the hostess box.




We had such an amazing time together. The food was delightful, the champagne was chilled to perfection and we really enjoyed each other’s company. The Esselle hostess box was the icing on the cake! All of the stress that I usually feel before a party was relieved because I knew that everything looked great.



Have you ever used a Esselle Hostess Box? Be sure to check out Josie and Megan’s blogs for their recap of the dinner party! Stay tuned for an Esselle Giveaway! 

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