3 Reasons You Need The Everlane Perform Legging In Your Closet

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Since committing to leading a healthier lifestyle 5 months ago, I’ve been blowing through my fair share of workout clothes. I don’t know if I’m just super rough on the items I own or whether they’re not built for super intense sweat sessions, but for the past few months I’ve been having to buy new leggings every 3 to 4 weeks. Why so often? Because they either fade from being washed too many times, or they lose their shape or they start getting holes in the thigh and crotch region after a handful of uses. In their defense, I wear leggings pretty much 80% of the week. They’re my go-to outfit attire when it comes to walking my dogs several times a day, running errands or meeting up with friends for a morning coffee. AND I still use them for my workouts. I put my tights through it all! 

everlane perform legging

Luckily, my hunt for the one is over now that Everlane has officially launched their Perform Legging! Instead of listing 100 reasons why I love these leggings (and why you will too), for time’s sake, I’ll share my top 3 reasons you need to make these leggings a staple piece in your wardrobe: 

1. They’re Chic, yet Super Comfortable. 

These leggings are thick enough for you to feel insulated without feeling weighed down, thanks to the high performance Italian made fabric they’re comprised of. The high-waist accentuates my curves perfectly and they don’t ride or slide down like other leggings I’ve worn in the past either. 

Also, it’s no secret that I’m a fan of neutrals when it comes to my wardrobe (I’m truly a minimalist at heart), so I’m obsessed with the colors these leggings come in. 

2. You Can Dress Them Up or Down Seamlessly. 

Another reason I love these leggings is because thanks to their super clean design, you really can dress them up like a pant or jegging. Here I’m pairing them with the Everlane ReKnit boot and Pima Micro Rib Crew Tee. Instead of looking like I’m about to do mountain climbers, I look like I’m ready for my next business meeting. I love leggings that can look great inside and outside of the gym!

3. They Fit Like A Glove.

Let’s talk about the way they fit. When I first tried them on I was worried they weren’t tight enough. For so long I believed that in order for a legging to stay up and fit snuggly, it needed to be so tight I could barely breathe comfortably. After an hour of wearing the Perform Legging, I realized I had been living wrong. These leggings are breathable and fit well without feeling like you’ve been vacuum sealed into them! Even after two washes, they’re still maintaining their elasticity and shape. I can’t say the same for most other leggings I own. 

If you’re looking for a legging that legit does it all, look no further- the Everlane Perform Legging is the one for you! To get your hands on a pair of their leggings, click here! Click here for the Everlane hoodie I’m wearing and the Everlane Cotton Crew shirt I have on underneath it. 


This post was sponsored by Everlane. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

everlane perform legging

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