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Heading On An Extended Business Trip? These Tips Will Make Your Trip a Success!

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

If your a business professional who is being sent on an extended trip by your company, congratulations!!! Being sent on this type of trip demonstrates trust from you employer!

This could turn into a regular occurrence with your job which can be incredible for those that love to explore new cities. Take a proactive approach to doing the highest quality of work while you are there. The fact that you’re being assigned such a huge task, can be a great sign for what’s to come with your career.

If you’ve been going on extended business trips for awhile now- this blog post is still for you too! It’s easy to get complacent and stuck in a rut on trips of these kind- the tips below will be a nice refresher on how to make the most of these trips to ensure your success!

1. Increase Your Overall Productivity

Getting more done on a weekly basis in addition to the tasks you have in your current location can put you on the fast track for a promotion. The company will look at you as a trusted employee that does not need management looking over their shoulder to continually hit deadlines with incredible work.

Track your current productivity then increase it as you will have more time to work as you will not have many other obligations in your personal life.

Try increasing your productivity by creating to-do lists and using your company’s preferred messaging systems to stay aware of what’s happening in office.

2. Invite Family To Visit

The truth is, extended trips can get incredible lonely. When on a trip for a long period of time you can invite family, friends or a significant other to come visit in order to stave off feelings of being homesick.

You and your spouse can also have a blast exploring a city that otherwise you might have never visited in your personal lives. Some companies will even pay for a family member to come visit if you negotiate it before embarking on the trip.

3. Join A Local Gym Short Term

People who travel frequently for business understand that it can be easy to gain weight with all of the eating and lack of consistent gym access.

Take advantage of the gym at the hotel or use fitness apps to take live classes directly on your phone. Exercise has been shown to help increase productivity especially when it is done in the morning.

You will have quite a bit of extra time after work obligations for the day have been complete. Being able to get into a routine with exercise and work can be important as well as you will be in that location for weeks or months.

4. Turn Your Hotel/Apartment Into A Second Home

Since you’ll be spending so much time away, it’s a great idea to bring comforts from your home. Consider bringing a few of your favorite packaged teas, one of your favorite books, and your go-to face masks.

Peter Goldberg of Bouclair notes “Décor can make all of the difference when sprucing up a new space; luckily this décor can be purchased online and delivered right to your door.”

In an apartment setting it will be much easier to turn the apartment into a more comfortable place for yourself. Being able to cook after work in your own place can also help reduce the costs incurred on the trip.

5. Don’t Forget To Go Out And Have Fun

New cities offer new experiences and you should take advantage of seeing those places when you’re off the clock. Relaxing is a part of rejuvenating yourself to come back and be even more productive than the day before.

List out specific things that you would like to do while you are in the city for business. This will keep you excited about your trip and help you save time once you’re there.

I hope these tips will turn your extended business trips into fun, fulfilling, productive experiences!

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