UR TRAVEL: I Faced My Fears at the Berlin Cathedral

To say I fell in love with Berlin would be a bit of an understatement. I completely became obsessed with the city from the moment we arrived. It’s the perfect mix of old city architecture and new urban city vibes. The city’s history is so vast and the ancient architecture there is unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed.

One of my favorite places we visited was The Berlin Cathedral. Referred to by locals the Berliner Dom, is the largest church in the city. It’s history dates back to 1465 and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful churches I’ve ever had the pleasure of stepping inside. It’s ornately decorated in gold and the organ is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  What makes this church even more special is that they allow visitors to walk around the outside of the top of the dome. This excited and perplexed me. As someone deathly afraid of heights, I was terrified at the thought of walking around the top of the building. But on another note, the blogger in me wanted to face my fears for the awesome photographs of the city I knew I could get at the top of the dome.

With the encouragement of my boyfriend, I climbed the steps to the museum on the top floor and then proceeded to climb the 270 steps to the top of the dome. I was shaking so hard by the time I reached the top, that I wasn’t sure I could get back down! Thankfully, the fresh air was refreshing and the walkway was so secure that although I was scared, I wasn’t crying which is a good sign (I literally cried a few months ago on a ferris wheel LOL). The walk up was totally worth it! The views of the city from the dome were phenomenal. I don’t know if I’d do it again, but I’m glad I was able to do it this once!

Check out my favorite photos from our visit to the Berlin Cathedral below!

Have you visited Berlin before? If so, what was your favorite part?

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