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Photo by Alexandre Chambon

Finding Metropolis

Deep down in the ocean somewhere, there’s a city called Metropolis. A sunken beauty, littered with copper, rose gold, lush green vegetation, and golden statues. This is a tale the ancient Greeks told the world and it’s captivated everybody ever since. It’s an amazing story but it’s inspired so many other amazing things too. Perhaps one of the key areas where the aqua palace-style has flourished so wildly is in interior design. You can see the aqua palace style in Las Vegas casinos. Mansions of the rich and famous. Incredible hotels in the Mediterranean, from Spain to Turkey. It’s quite clearly a popular style because it’s symbolized opulence and great taste. It’s also incredibly linked to the natural world. It’s got that Greek tragedy looks to it as well. You feel almost blessed to set eyes on something that is so secret, something that once was lost to the ocean. 


1. A fine glaze


As the palace of the kingdom of Metropolis is now somewhere, deep beneath the ocean, the royal decor would have turned colors. Perhaps from a beige or earth tone red, it’s now a regent pink. In fact, a pink glazed vase would be a tremendous addition to your home. Adding an air of royalty to your home interior, a deep and wide display vase, glazed in a rose gold tint, would stand nicely in your living room or hallway. It’s more of an ornament that a practical vase, so doesn’t go putting flowers in it. Decorate around the vase with little seahorse figurines and clamshells just about to open. Perhaps a pearl or two, sat beside the vase would add more life to the pink glaze.


2. A kingdom consumed


Everyone has their own imagined images of what Metropolis would look like now. But most people would agree, the ceiling would be consumed by the vegetation and only a few bits of the metal tile designs would be showing. That’s why you should emulate this style with faux tin ceiling tiles that have the design of seaweed or sea plants slowing engulfing them. The 202 tiles are designed just in this fashion. They’d be perfect for your ceiling all around the home but perhaps they would feel more natural in the bathroom. The detail on the leaves is bold so it will stand out immediately. It’s the best way to style a home that is paying homage to the sunken city. If not a dull copper and green theme, there are other darker and lighter two-tone themes to choose from.



3. A symbolic theme


Small, Greek statues littered all around the home is just what the style doctor ordered. These could be in limestone, marble or perhaps even copper. Poseidon the god of the seas would be a brilliant choice, to symbolize how the ocean swallowed up the kingdom of Metropolis. However, you could also have Medusa as many people believe that different evil mythological creatures have now made this once beautiful city their home.


A home that has been styled in the sunken city of Metropolis and adorned the aqua palace theme is one of the most recognizable interior designs in the Med. Do you dare allow it into your own home?


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