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Mama Nell Knows Best: Thoughts on Finding Your Passion

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Mama Nell Knows Best: Thoughts on Finding Your Passion

Written By Vernell Dees

Finding your dream job can be the challenge of your life but if you are successful, it will be well worth it.

Passion for your work is very important. Without it, both you and the work will suffer. You will not be happy with what you are doing, the work will be less satisfying than it should be and not representative of what you are really capable of. Finding your dream job will allow you to be and do your best in all areas.

Passion is a very strong desire within you that consumes and drives you. It is very hard to control. It can motivate and inspire you as well as keep you awake when you need to sleep. It can take away your appetite and cause you to get involved and stay involved with it for hours at a time while other things go neglected. Passion for your work can take over your life but it’s an important part of finding your dream job.

How do you determine your passion? It won’t be hard and in many cases, it is very obvious. What do you think about to no end? What do you spend your money on- maybe money that is or should be earmarked for other things? What can you do for endless hours and not get bored or tired? What would you gladly do for free without getting paid? That’s your passion!

It is important to think strategically in finding your dream job. One way to accomplish this is to do volunteer work. You can volunteer at a place that is directly related to your passion. Or you might volunteer in an assignment that is indirectly related to your passion. For example, if you are passionate about aromatherapy, you might volunteer at a place that teaches aromatherapy classes. You could also volunteer somewhere that teaches about, uses or sells essential oils- an essential component of aromatherapy.

If you are in need of additional skills to help develop your dream job, it would also be a strategic move to volunteer in a place where you can learn those skills. Then you can have on-the-job training for free while you learn and master the particular skills you need. You won’t be getting paid for the work but you won’t have to pay for classes to learn those skills either!

Of course, we must not forget about social networking- Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. It is important to share with your family and friends what you are looking for so you can benefit from all possible leads they may know about for you. You can do this same sharing with your contacts in your social networks- you never know what will develop that can lead to an awesome opportunity.

The three networks I mentioned are the most popular ones and probably the largest ones but there are other social networks. Looking into those not-as-popular networks where there may be less competition might work in your favor so remember to keep that as an option.

Please keep this in mind- if you know your passion, as well as the dream job you would like to have but are struggling to find, then you may need to step it up a few notches and create your own job- yes create your own job!

Give some serious and extensive thought to your niche. What can you do or create that doesn’t already exist in that niche? What is missing? What is not being covered? Where are the holes in products and services? Who do you want to service? What are their needs? How can you make a difference? Answering these questions should put you on track and give you some ideas for what is needed and how you can make the difference.

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