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Five Types of People We’ve Seen At NYFW

Written by Stephenie Adubato Burke

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week is by far the most buzzworthy event in the fashion world (London, Milan and Paris are great but NYC is where it’s at). Twice a year (September and February), the industry’s most stylish descend upon Manhattan to strut their stuff and feast their eyes on some of the most innovative and luxe designs in the world.

This year, I decided to participate in the infamous insanity and head over to Lincoln Center (the official hub of NYFW) to observe and soak it all in. The influx of of all things fashion truly has to be seen to be believed. Not only is the street style inspiring (and sometimes deliciously outlandish) but the scene itself is really something else. It’s like watching the most voyeuristic form of consumerism unfold right before your eyes. Every single eye is trained on someone(s) whose sole purpose of being there is to quite literally “be seen”. At first I found it a bit indulgent and narcissistic until someone asked to photograph my outfit and then clearly I was all for it. That being said, these are five type of people we saw at NYFW:

1. PHOTOGS: There are more cameras/camera phones at the Lincoln Center plaza than at the Professional Photographers of America Convention. It is quite clear that anyone with an iPhone fancies themselves the new Bill Cunningham, myself included. (See some of the best street style shots taken by ACTUAL photographers at Who What Wear.)

2. CELEBRITIES: The stars arrive in a parade of black SUV’s and enter the shows via a back entrance, which oddly enough, is just as accessible to rabid fans as the front steps. Honestly, this was another thing I wasn’t all that excited about until I saw Jamie Chung glide out of her car and I fangirled so hard I nearly dropped my phone down the gutter.

3. BLOGGERS/FASHIONISTAS: They come out in DROVES. The more prominent and/or better dressed ones (here’s looking at you weWOREWHAT) get tons of attention. Photographers nearly trample each other trying to get their shots which is truly unnecessary because many of these ladies (and a few men) are more than willing to pose for days. Some of the less well-known just kind of float around waiting to be noticed but what I’ve learned is that it only takes one excitable “photographer” to start a frenzy around almost anyone.

4. MODELS: These girls and guys often arrive through the same back entrance as the celebs and there is truly no mistaking them. Because less well known models are often faceless to the fashion consumer, you might think it would be hard to spot them. But the second you see one, it becomes abundantly clear, because you literally cannot understand how a human being can be so thin, tall and ethereal. They are, in no uncertain terms, fashion unicorns.

5. PUBLICISTS: These little balls of stress run around in the most well-tailored of black ensembles, wearing super professional headsets and are perpetually encased in an air of palpable panic. That being said, I am shamelessly envious of their all-access passes to the shows.

A New Jersey native, but a true New Yorker at heart, Stephenie is an IO Psychologist by day and the author of the fashion blog Restive Threads and F.I.T. student by night. She spends the majority of her time obsessing over street style, shopping online/checking her bank account and writing about any and everything fashion-related. She’s also never met a black bootie or a windowpane print she didn’t like. Follow her on Twitter @restivethreads.

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