LOOKBOOK LUST: For Love and Lemons Holiday 2015 Collection

I’m in love with the For Love and Lemons 2015 Holiday Collection! It’s the perfect blend of whimsy and femininity. You can’t help but feel like a fairy from a magical forest in these pieces. The attention to detail is what sets these garments from your typical, run of the mill holiday attire. Check out my favorite looks from For Love and Lemons 2015 Collection below. for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 18 nts apart from for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 17 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 16 for love and lemons 15 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 14 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 13 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 12 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 11 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 10 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 9 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 8 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 7 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 6 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 5 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 4 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 3 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 1 for-love-and-lemons-holiday-2015-collection 2

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