tips to get your garden summer ready

5 Ways to Get Your Garden Summer Ready

Is your garden summer ready? If not, never fear!

Many of us living in colder climates, sometimes we can let our garden maintenance slide a little as we don’t get to use it as often as we would like.

However, with all of this recent fantastic warm weather, now is the perfect opportunity to make sure that your garden is summer ready in just a few easy steps!

Here, we are taking you through our top tips to get your garden ready for summer.

1. Give Your Garden A Tidy Up.

One of the easiest things that you can do to start getting your garden ready for summer is to give your garden a tidy up.

This means removing any weeds, mowing the grass and mulching the flowers beds to ensure that any weeds are covered up.

You can also use a trimmer and this will ensure that the edges of your garden are neat and tidy. You should also make sure that you have any garden clutter stored away and the best way in which you can do this is with a steel building.

These steel buildings are extremely affordable and they can be set up within the day. You could use it as a garage or a workshop and store your items in here and keep your garden neat and tidy.  


2. Add Some Shaded Areas.

When the warmer weather hits, we all want to spend as much time outside enjoying the weather as we can.

However, it is important for our health that we do not spend too much time in the sun and also take some time out to sit in the shade too.

You can easily provide some shaded areas in the garden with a garden parasol. If you are looking for an approach that is longer term, then you can train climbers up a pergola to ensure you get some shaded areas over the years to come.


3. Update Your Garden Furniture.

Garden furniture can be expensive.

If your garden furniture is very old, then you might want to invest in some new pieces, however, for many people you will probably be able to give your garden furniture a quick spruce.

Give them a deep clean and make any necessary repairs. You may then also want to buy garden furniture accessories. This could be some outdoor lights, candles or some fun center pieces.


4. Plant Some Lovely Smelling Flowers.

There is nothing better when you are outside socializing with friends than taking in the lovely smell of fresh flowers.

A few great night-scented flowers that you will want to consider planting include Phlox, Jasmine and Honeysuckle.

This will add a gorgeous aromatic fragrance to the air around you.


5. Create A Firepit Area.

As your socializing moves into the smaller hours, the temperature will start to cool. Make sure that your garden is summer ready by creating a fire pit area.

This is a fabulous focal point in any garden and your guests will love sitting around the firepit on some comfortable garden furniture and enjoy the amazing summer time.

These tips should leave your garden summer ready and full of gorgeous flavors to leave your yard gorgeous!

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