Giving Art a Safe Haven in Your Home

Although I’ve always appreciated art, until recently, I had never considered getting pieces of art work for my home. I was always more focused on finding beautiful and functional pieces furniture, that the thought of purchasing art never came to mind. Now that my place is finally coming together, I now realize the importance of getting some art for my walls.

I’m realizing that there’s something about a home that gives art a safe haven, that draws your attention to the finer details. It makes you pay more attention to that home’s style and study the interior design choices more carefully. Here are a few things I recently learned about purchasing art that I wanted to share with you!


1. The contemporary home should have at least one painting.

It should be hung on the wall with pride and there for all to see. The reason why people are so hesitant to buy such a painting is that they don’t know just exactly what kind of style they want. Thankfully there are artists of all kinds that do art commissions, meaning they will literally paint and draw whatever you want them to. It’s one of the best ways to get something truly personal and unique for your home as the painting that you ask an artist to do can expressive of your nature. It could be about anything such as a landscape that you saw on holiday that you want reborn. It could be something symbolic such as an animal, time period, fashion sense etc. You communicate with the artist and give exact details of what’s in your mind and they will bring it to life on the canvas.


2. Don’t under estimate the beauty in Still life artwork. 

One of the most prominent art periods of recent history was the still life movement. It is exactly how it sounds, life that is drawn and painted as if it were living yet frozen in time. Rather than a painting however, you can buy ornate ornaments in the design of fruit in the style of still life. Usually this will be metal carved intricately into the shape of a pear, but with a stylistic approach regarding a culture or nation. For example, you can have golden fruit such as pears and apples, but the carving can be in the pattern and design of the French artists, Italian or even Greek. Some might have a delicate nature to them, others might be more forthright and be boastful about their features.

Still life is very charming and stands the test of time so it’s easy to pull off. However if you are going to get a painting for your home, get something that you will feel confident with. You should look for the finer things in life when it comes to artistic expression for your home. This is because, the home is a reflection of its owner and therefore the expression of the art holds the power of character that our homes have.

Photo by Kari Shea


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