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Tend: Taking The Fear Out Of Going To The Dentist

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I’ve always been terrified of going to the dentist. Even as an adult, I still deal with a lot of anxiety every time I book a dental cleaning. I hate to admit it, but in the past, I’ve actively avoided the dentist for years at a time. I would only go when I was in a ridiculous amount of pain. At first, I felt a great deal of embarrassment about my fear of going to the dentist, but apparently, I’m not alone – 80% of adults in the U.S. deal with dental anxiety.

Wouldn’t it be perfect if there was a dental office that put your mind at ease the moment you step into their office? A space that understands the fact you feel overwhelmed the moment you go to book an appointment? Well friends, I’m here to tell you that such a place exists- allow me to introduce you to Tend

I first discovered Tend on Instagram (yes, sometimes the algorithm actually works!). It was a picture of this gorgeous teal bathroom. Once I went to their IG page, I was shocked to see it was a dental company. From that moment on I was immediately intrigued. 

Launched in 2019, Tend’s mission is to make sure you “look forward to the dentist”. As a “realist”, I was curious, but also a little cynical. After all these years of dreading going to the dentist, could they suddenly change my mindset when it comes to dentistry? Since it piqued my interest and I was overdue for a dental cleaning, I decided to give it a try.

Tend Dental products

The moment I was on their website, I knew Tend was different than the other dental offices I’d been to before. Everything on their website is welcoming and more importantly, intentional and clear. While booking my appointment online, they asked for my medical history and insurance information to ensure I didn’t have to wait when I arrived. I was presently surprised when I was also given an option of shows to stream during my visit! 

Tend accepts most insurance companies. If you don’t have dental insurance- don’t worry! They offer a discount for those who are self-pay. When has the last time your dentist offered that? As someone who hasn’t always had insurance and definitely not dental insurance, I love that they do that.

I booked my appointment at the newly opened Buckhead location and felt a little anxious while driving over. From the moment I walked in, the uneasiness I felt in the car completely dissipated. I was immediately impressed. It had a warm, yet relaxing vibe. It felt more like a spa than a dentist’s office!

Going to the dentist

The receptionists were friendly, warm, and informative. I was checked in and ready to be seen in a blink of an eye. 

I thought things would feel a bit more bland and sterile once I went past reception, but the calming atmosphere and intentional design were maintained throughout the office. Once I arrived at my room, I was tickled to see a welcome message with my name on their large screen. Going to the dentist has never felt this personalized before! 

Within moments, the dental hygienist introduced herself, made sure I was comfortable, and then began to explain the dental x-ray portion to me. I really appreciated that she took the time to go over everything with me, including the scoring system they use to tell you where you’re teeth’s health is currently at. They record it and then go over it with you once finished. 

Tend Dental Office Atlanta GA

The process was fast and easy, and what I loved the most is that I didn’t feel a thing. 

Next was the main cause of anxiety from past dental experiences- the dental cleaning. How many times have you been told “You won’t feel a thing!” when having your teeth cleaned, only to come home with a somewhat bloody and sore mouth? It’s happened to me on at least six different occasions and each time I come home a little annoyed at the dentist and the procedure. My hopes were high that this time would be different, and thankfully, it was! 

She had me pick from a tray of equally cool sunglasses and handed me a set of Beats headphones. The sunglasses were to protect my eyes from the light and the Beats were for me to listen to the show I picked when I was booking.

Initially, I wondered how I was ever going to see the screen in front of me to watch my show, but once she reclined my chair, I looked up and saw Planet Earth from the monitor I failed to see on the ceiling when I walked in! They truly thought of everything to put their patient’s minds at ease during their visit and I’m here for it! 

The dental cleaning was 100% pain-free and I got to relax and enjoy watching lions on the African plains- I call that a win/win! 

Since Tend is all about pricing transparency, when the dentist came in to speak with me about the work I’d need to get done in the future, I didn’t feel the apprehension I’ve felt in the past when I’ve visited other dentists. 

The entire experience was seamless and I left feeling content knowing my dental care from here on out, will be in the hands of such a pleasant and competent team!

On the way out, I asked if they could email me my x-rays. It turns out Tend has an app where all of my dental history, x-rays and upcoming visits are stored. It doesn’t get any easier than that! 

Tend currently has offices in Washington D.C., New York, Boston and Atlanta. In ATL, there’s one in Ponce City Market, Buckhead and a 3rd location will be opening soon at Colony Square! 

Tend makes going to the dentist a walk in the park. Click here to get a $25 Amazon gift card when you book an appointment! 

This post was sponsored by Tend. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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