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3 Ways to Grow A Garden in Your Apartment

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Urban life is bustling with benefits, including easy access to all or the amenities you could possibly hope for. Yet, for most of us, urban living comes with a fair amount of compromises, and missing out on outdoor space is often the most painful of them,

Of course, that’s not to say that there’s no such thing as a garden in the city. Some houses in even the most urban settings offer an outdoor oasis that makes it seem like you’re in the middle of nowhere. But, let’s get real, with most city properties that offer this benefit costing well into the millions, it’s a dream many of us won’t even get close to. Instead, our budgets typically buy us apartments with no patch of grass in sight. 

Luckily, as apartment living becomes ever-more popular, balcony gardening is offering a viable solution to this problem. While it might not be the acres that you once imagined, your balcony does, after all, offer you an outdoor escape. So, why not start flexing your green fingers, and using that area more often, by considering the following ways to make your balcony garden great.

1. Don’t Overcomplicate It.

Perhaps the most imperative thing to remember with your balcony garden is that you mustn’t overcomplicate. While vibrant color schemes and different textures can look amazing in a standard garden, they could clutter your balcony.

Instead, strip back your ideas and keep it simple with a few striking and well-placed pots, and a table set up that suits what you’re working with. This might not be the grand masterpiece you had in mind, but less is more here and will go a long way towards helping you maximize the space.

2. Take It Vertical.

Even when simplifying at floor level, you can have a lot of fun by taking your balcony garden vertical. After all, wall space that will otherwise be wasted can provide invaluable opportunities for interest. Most basically, vertical balcony gardening might involve turning to tall outdoor planters that save way more space than big-bottomed options would and can work especially well with equally tall, slim-lined plants like dracaena. Further to this, wall trellis, hanging pots, and even mounted ornaments can all bring this space to life in a way that you’d struggle to achieve with even a traditional garden. 

3. Think About Privacy.

No one wants an overlooked garden, but it doesn’t get much more overlooked than a balcony. Hence, it’s also vital to factor for privacy. Placing a stylish trellis with some kind of climbing plant can be a great option here as it looks fantastic and adds an extra layer. Equally, placing tall planters around the edges of your balcony can add a protective veil. At the very least, consider how you’re placing your garden furniture so that you’re not just staring right in at whatever your neighbors happen to be up to.

Your balcony might not be the outside space that you imagined, but it can be the outdoors that you deserve if you put these pointers into action. 

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