Home Costs You Should Have Money Tucked Away For

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As much as owning your home is, it can also be a significant financial burden. Most of this will revolve around the mortgage, which you could end up paying off for decades. When most people think of saving for a home, the mortgage and its associated deposit is what they think of.

There are multiple other costs associated with owning a home. Some of these might be quite obvious, such as having to pay property taxes. When you’re budgeting for your house, you’ll need to factor these in. When it comes to the unexpected costs of owning a house, that could be difficult.

There are a few notable ones that you’ll need to know about.

Unexpected Homeownership Costs


While homeowner’s insurance shouldn’t be an unexpected expense, it’s something many people don’t think about until close to buying a home. Quite a few banks won’t grant you a mortgage unless you get homeowner’s insurance.

What might be unexpected, however, is how much this might cost. Your premiums can be pretty high, and they can often get higher every year. It’s also worth noting that some policies will only cover specific things, and you’ll need to pay extra for more comprehensive insurance.

“Acts of God,” such as natural disasters, for instance, might not be covered.

HVAC Systems

If your home is brand new, then you shouldn’t have to change any of the appliances or systems anytime soon. With older homes, however, you might need to relatively soon. These could be expensive, so you might want to repair anything that isn’t working properly.

You can get 24 hour AC repair in multiple areas, so you can get things done quite quickly. Other systems, such as your plumbing and electric, should also be just as easy to fix. If in doubt, check with friends or family to find a recommended professional.

Keeping your HVAC and other systems well maintained will make sure that they keep working for as long as possible.

HOA & Condo Fees

Quite a few homes come with the caveat that they’re part of a homeowner’s association. While these can have their benefits, there are also some financial drawbacks. The same can be said of condominium associations.

These will be monthly or yearly fees that you’ll have to pay. Thankfully, you should get your money’s worth for it; typically, these fees are used to pay for garbage collection and other neighborhood-related expenses.

These fees can go up, and there may be collections for special projects, so you’ll need to keep these in mind.

Wrapping Up

Knowing whether or not you can actually afford it is the first step in buying a home. The upfront cost and the mortgage, while the largest expenses, won’t be the only costs associated with it. You’ll have to consider whether you can afford mortgage repayments alongside all of the other home-related costs.

Coupled with that are the multiple other living expenses you’ll have, such as raising your kids, paying for your groceries, and having a life. Make sure all of that is attainable before putting down a deposit.

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