These 9 Home Decor and Interior Design Books Will Make You an Interior Design Expert

I decided that 2018 would be the year all of my interior design hopes and dreams come true, and I want to empower you to do the same! That’s why I’ve come up with a Top 9 list of must-have books that focus on home decor, interior design and finding your personal style when it comes to interiors.

After moving into my dream loft earlier this month, I started ordering interior design and home decor books off of Amazon and visiting Barnes & Noble incessantly. After pouring over several books for days at a time, I wanted to share with you all of my favorites!

Some of these books are full of useful how-to’s on achieving certain aesthetics in your apartment, loft or home, while others are gorgeous coffee table books full of beautifully designed bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms.

Whether you’re into minimalism or prefer glamorous decor, a first-time apartment renter or the owner of one or two homes, this book list has something to offer everyone who wants to be inspired by their surroundings daily. I hope you enjoy my top 9 interior design books as much as I do! For my complete list of home decor and interior design books, be sure to visit my Amazon Shop here!

1. Scandinavia Dreaming (Hardcover) $41 SALE

I cannot get enough of this gorgeous book about Nordic design. It’s been one of the biggest inspirations so far when planning out what pieces of furniture and what colors I want to incorporate in my loft. This book typically retails at $60 and is totally worth every penny. Grab your copy here!


2. Urban Pioneer (Hardcover) $23

If you’re into loft living or find yourself drawn to major cities, this is the design book for you. This book highlights buildings that were once factories and workplaces that have now been turned into gorgeous homes. This book shows just how well urban and industrial design go together.  Grab your copy here!
3. The Natural Home by Hans Blomquist (Hardcover) $27

Texture, Texture, TEXTURE! That’s what stood out to me the most in this incredible book by world renowned art director Hans Blomquist. This book will leave you wanting to incorporate elements of the great outdoors into your home. Grab your copy here!
4. Monochrome Home (Hardcover) $25 SALE

This home interiors book proves that black and white will always be a match made in heaven. Hilary Robertson shows the reader the true elegance this color combo can offer. She takes readers around the world to various homes of designers, architects and artists that prove black and white is an incredibly vibrant pairing. Grab your copy here!
5. Nancy Braithwaite: Simplicity (Hardcover) $55

Nancy Braithwaite’s first book is a tutorial on how simplicity is anything but dull. If you’re looking to pare down your life and declutter this book is for you. I also love that in addition to other’s homes, she shows us her country home that’s right here in Atlanta! Grab your copy here.
6. The House That Pinterest Built (Hardcover) $60

Diane Keaton decided to build a home from the ground up and the results are stunning and epic! Taking the advice of her dear friend, director Nancy Meyers, she took to Pinterest to become inspired and created a home that’ll leave you speechless. Grab your copy here.
7. Urban Jungle: Living and Styling with Plants (Hardcover) $25

From the creators of TheUrbanJungleBlog (their Instagram handle @urbanjungleblog will have you scrolling for hours), this book will teach you how to turn your everyday apartment into a chic rainforest. I’m completely obsessed with this book! Get your copy here8. Home: The Best of The New York Times Home Section (Hardcover) $28

You know your home has truly peaked when it gets featured on The New York Times Home section. This book features the best of the homes featured in their well known Home section. Grab your copy here!
9. The New Bohemians Handbook (Hardcover) $18

I first discovered Justina Blakeney on Instagram. Her handle (@thejungalow) will leave you wanting to add lush plants to your home and a splash of vivid color! Her book The New Bohemians is the ultimate handbook on modernizing the Bohemian vibe. Grab your copy here.

And that’s it! My top 9 interior design and home decor book picks will leave you a interior design expert! Have you read any of these books? Are there any that should have made the list? Leave your comments below!


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