8 Ways To Make Your Home More Sustainable

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There are many changes you make in your home, both big and small, that will positively impact the environment. 

Sustainability has never been more important than now. CO2 emissions and single-use plastic are some of the biggest sources of pollution. We know we need to make a change but are not always informed as to how to make that change. 

Changes don’t have to disrupt your lifestyle. Many of the changes you can make to positively impact the environment do not take away too much from your current lifestyle. 

Here are 5 ways you can make a start on your sustainability journey today.


1. Fix your clothes

Rather than buying into fast fashion and new trends, learn to sew and fix your torn clothes, or even create your designs. Fast fashion is bad for the environment in many ways, including harming carbon emissions and significant water waste. 


2. Cold washes

Washing your clothes in cold water can significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions as well as the frequency you need to buy new clothes, as it keeps them in better condition. A cold wash uses less energy, so it is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. Cold water is just as effective as hot water unless you are working with tough stains such as oil. 


3. Air dry your clothes 

Your clothes will also last a lot longer if you air dry your clothes. This not only means investing less into fast fashion and reducing waste, but it also helps you save on more energy. During the summer, hang your clothes outside your house or in your yard, or create a clothes dryer which you can use inside, all year round. 


4. LED lights 

Replacing your regular light bulbs with LED bulbs can make a huge difference. The LED bulb does not use as much electricity and is more energy-efficient to use. 


5. Compost bin

A compost bin helps you to reduce waste and get rid of leftovers. It is a great addition to any household and provides you with a free fertilizer you can use in your garden. 


6. Insulation

Probably more on the costly side of things, correct insulation can conserve the heat. Insulate your walls, under the flooring, and in the ceiling, and install double glazed windows. These upgrades when you next renovate or move house are important for reducing energy costs. 


7. Solar power 

Investing in solar panels is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint while decreasing your electricity bill. Many solar power manufacturers can tailor to the size of your property. There are also community solar projects in certain areas that allow you to hook up your home electricity to a solar farm, which means no initial costs.


8. Smart technology 

There are certain devices, such as smart meters and smart thermometers, that allow you to better manage your energy and reduce your costs. This is a great way to make your home more eco-friendly and reduce wasted electricity and heating. 


Whether you are getting started on your journey or looking to invest heavily, there are many possibilities to make your home more environmentally friendly. 


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