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Is Your Home as Premium as You Deserve It to Be?

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How often do you treat yourself? Ask yourself again, because it’s likely that the first question you gave was modest in nature. ‘I treat myself too much, I should really focus on working harder’ is likely your initial response if you’re someone who prizes maturity. However, this can be disingenuous. You should understand that treating yourself is the core component of being a happy and well adjusted modern person. It helps you reinforce your value to yourself, and develop self-kindness which permeates your life, and helps you stay on the right track.

The most important place to treat yourself is in your home. This is the place where you will relax, unwind, and can truly be yourself. If you’re looking around your home and thinking it’s in need of an upgrade, or you’re simply not satisfied with it at the moment and can’t put your finger on why, the following guide should help you. We all need a change in our external environment from time to time, but heading on a romantic getaway or glorious expedition isn’t always feasible. Home is where the heart is, and sometimes that’s the most important place to get right.

Upgrade Your Artwork.

When it comes to making your home a place that spurs you on, gives you energy, stimulates your creativity and is generally your base for life, making sure it’s decorated to your tastes can work wonders. Don’t limit yourself here. Whatever works best for you is definitely correct. In the interests of taste, theming artwork based on colors, themes or moods can work well when isolated in a single room, as that helps lend it a motif which is strengthened by unity. Also consider the focal points of a room. Lining up memorabilia from adventurous vacations and expeditions you have taken could be a great conversation starter. It might mean digging those heirlooms out of the attic for all to see, but that is a positive. Your home should serve as the base of operations to use a military term, and as such you should feel free to express your creative and ambitious side like this.

Also, don’t be afraid to ‘jazz up’ certain decorations in your home. Classic movie posters lining the hallways with a faint LED frame can help lend that magical quality and serve as an elegant way to introduce rooms. Of course, all this is subjective to your taste, but you’d be wrong to disregard the redemptive power of art, especially when it’s YOUR favorite art in YOUR favorite rooms.


Upgrade Your Dining Experience.

If heart is where the home is, then that heart beats from the kitchen. You may have a living room, a study, many bedrooms and even an entertainment room, but you can be sure that the kitchen will always serve as the ‘default’ space you own. Upgrading your dining experience can help you craft wonderful memories with your family when it comes to dinner time. To do this, you may need to upgrade your seating area, especially when if you haven’t one already.

Your dining room table and chairs need to be premium, as they should hopefully last a long time.  Some themes work and look beautiful almost universally, such as this cherry dining room set. Some you may want to have more of a personal stamp. Reclaimed wood from your old property, or something with historical significance can work well too. While a perfectly crafted dining room set is absolutely beautiful and a must have, it can be nice to keep reclaimed wood as a secondary appendage, as seeing the rings in the wood will help you count history as you eat/prepare food.

In addition, don’t be afraid to make dinner time a big event in your house. The families with the strongest connections eat together so they can share details about their day. Don’t be afraid to purchase a full silverware set, placeholders and candle stocks. This nightly ‘ritual’ can help bring the family together, and it gives you all a shared space to approach one another and respect one another. This kind of implement is the dream of those you aren’t homeowners, so be sure to make use of it while you can.

As you have probably noticed, upgrading your home is not altogether different from upgrading the emotional capacity of your home. After all, living with your family is likely an option you have taken out of love, so why not celebrate it with the preceding advice?

We’re sure that with this, your home will be as premium as you deserve it to be.

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