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At Home With Pottery Barn Furniture

Woman in living room decorated with pottery barn furniture.

Pottery Barn furniture has saved my decorating life in my loft. Am I the only one whose living room and dining room are a shared space? Loft living is incredible, but the open floor plan was a bit of a challenge when I was trying to create both a living room and dining room in the space.

Thankfully PB Apartment had incredible options that allowed me to make my dream a reality! I’m loving my Pottery Barn furniture because it’s the perfect size for my space.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Space with Pottery Barn Furniture

If you’re currently looking for ways to make the most of your small space, check these tips below:


Pottery barn furniture couch, coffee table, and chairs in living room.

1. Choose The Right Pottery Barn Furniture

Choosing furniture is about more than picking something that catches your eye. You have to choose furniture that fits your lifestyle and your space. If you have kids, suede is probably not the best choice. If you live in a loft, you’ll probably want smaller pieces

Look at your space and ask yourself what will fit, what will work, and what will meet your needs. What catches your eye and the best decision aren’t always the same things.


2. Opt For A Smaller Sofa.


While a sectional sounds cozy, it takes up entirely too much space and instantly makes your apartment look even tinier than it is. It also makes it harder to utilize your space to its fullest. You can’t relax when making your way around the sofa feels like an agility course.

That’s why I chose the Chesterfield Leather SofaIt’s the size of a traditional loveseat and since I added a ton of throws and blankets to it, it’s definitely the comfiest seat in the house! It’s also a very handsome piece, so I get the best of everything. 


3. Put The Wall Space to Good Use.


In a small room, it’s important to remember the walls are your friends. Always look at walls as potential storage. Hang floating shelves to hold your books, mementos, souvenirs, and artwork.

I felt like since the Pottery Barn Furniture (specifically the couch) was dark, it would be great to have white floating shelves above it. These shelves not only showcase my prized possessions, but they also add visual appeal and interest to the walls.


Chair with blanket.

4. Choose Chairs That Can Double as Living Room Accent Chairs and Dining Room Chairs.


I love a beautifully designed dining room chair because they can typically also be used as accent chairs in your living room. That’s why I chose the Cline Bistro Dining Chair and the Plymouth Accent Chairs.

Adding chairs of varying sizes and looks adds a bit of personality to any room. Remember, a small space requires versatility. Being able to move your chairs from area to another and still have them look like they belong can open up your space to all kinds of possibilities. 


pottery barn furniture and throw

5. Use Chairs Instead of a Sofa


Speaking of chairs, you can always use them exclusively. I chose a sofa for my space, but another great option is to simply use a variety of comfortable chairs in your living space. Comfortable chairs are just as relaxing as a sofa, and they can add visual interest to your space. They’re also easier to move around, depending on how heavy they are.

When you go with chairs exclusively, you can do almost anything you like. Mix wicker with plush, add throws or pillows – get creative. Chairs offer almost endless possibilities.


6. Add Texture and Heavy Materials to Your Space.


If you want to make your home feel larger and more inviting (think heavy Scandinavian vibes), add house plants, stones, marble and thick throws to your space.

I chose the Delaney Marble Rectangular Coffee Table not only for the marble top but because the base of the table is forged in gorgeous brass.

Another thing that’s great about this coffee table is that the openness under the table makes a great space for storing books and magazines that would otherwise clutter my apartment. I also grabbed the Faux Fur Knitted Throw to jazz up the couch.  


7. Break Up Your Space


Lofts are one big room, so it’s up to us to turn that open space into something with a homey feel. While the wall is a great place for a sofa to maximize space, you could also use it as a divider of sorts.

By having the couch float in your space, you can use its length to help create a “wall” denoting one area of the space from another. A trunk or dresser can also work well to break up your space into different living areas.

In the same way, you can use standing screens or tall house plants to help break up the space int individual areas or “rooms”.  It’s a great way to use furniture for both form and function.

8. Let In as Much Sunlight as Possible.


It’s been said that sunlight is the best accent in a room, and I believe that. Although I love my Pottery Barn Furniture, my apartment wouldn’t be complete without sunlight.

Open your blinds and let in as much sunlight as possible! It makes any space look open and airy. If you don’t have a ton of windows in your living room/ dining room, try manipulating the light you do have by placing mirrors around the room.

The mirrors will help make your space look larger than it is too!


Best pottery barn furniture

Pottery Barn Furniture Helps Anyone with Any Space

While this post was focused heavily on using Pottery Barn furniture to help you make the most of your small space, you can find pieces that fit any space large or small. With so many different styles and sizes, you’ll always find Pottery Barn furniture pieces that are attractive, comfortable, and fit perfectly in your living space.

I hope these tips help you make the most of your space! If you have other tips on decorating a small space, leave them in the comments below! If you’d like to check out more Pottery Barn furniture be sure to visit there site!

This blog post is sponsored by Pottery Barn. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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