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UR AESTHETIC: Hotel El Ganzo Will Inspire You to Create

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

You know I love a gorgeous hotel, so when I came across Hotel El Ganzo I had to share it with you!

Located in Los Cabos, Mexico, Hotel El Ganzo is the vacation paradise that creatives and artists dream about.

This 70-room boutique hotel has a stunning, minimalistic aesthetic that allows the artwork featured to be the focal point with the aquamarine ocean surrounding it as its canvas.

hotel in los cabos


I’m completely obsessed with their large suites! The mix of neutral tones and bright whites accentuate the art painted on the interior walls. I love how the use of wood adds a level of depth to each room too.

With a gorgeous jacuzzi tub and a large balcony that overlooks the water, what’s not to love?

Another thing that makes El Ganzo stand out is its commitment to artistry. Hotel El Ganzo prides itself on being a hub of creativity by providing intimate shows called Sessions for guests. These gatherings feature musicians from around the world performing in their underground recording studio.

It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced at other hotels and resorts! View more images of the hotel below!

Photography provided by Hotel El Ganzo.

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