How to Create an Office in Your Apartment Space

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Although more businesses are pulling people back into working in the office, over fifty percent of people say that they’re completing at least portions of their jobs from home.  If you’re one of these people, and you’re struggling to keep yourself working while you’re sitting on a couch or bed, you’re not alone.  A lot of people are having problems finding how to work from home and stay productive.

Here are 5 of the best tips that can help make this space better for work.

1. Consider What You Need for a Space to Feel Like an Office

What parts of an office scream ‘office’ to you?  For many, it’s a good desk set-up, while for others, it’s the supervision that can keep them active.  Although you shouldn’t attempt to make your office area entirely uncomfortable, you should work to create a space where your brain clicks on into work mode. Try to avoid converting soft and comfortable rooms like couches or beds that may lure you into a nap.

2. Try to Put A Door Between You and The Rest of the Home

If you have issues with distractions, and you know this is something you will struggle with when working: put a door between yourself and the rest of your home.  If this means converting a closet into an office, do it.  A door can help us change the pathways of our mind so that we code-switch into ‘work mode’ and are capable of completing projects.

3. Clear Away Distraction and Clutter

How much clutter do you have in your workspace?  Are there documents you haven’t looked at in ages?  Is there stuff that would be considered trash in any other part of the home?  Try to end each shift by clearing away your work surface and getting it ready for the next day’s work.  Clutter is bad for anxiety, depression, and focus.  If there’s anything you don’t need anymore, consider recycling, selling, or donating it.

4. Ensure There’s A Clear Boundary of Space

Even if you can’t have a door, or your door closes you into a shared space, try to ensure the area is work-coded.  This means keeping work-related paperwork only on or on your desk to ensure it feels like an office.  You can add bright blue-white lights to keep yourself more alert, and even buy full-length curtains to cover windows if you find the outside world too interesting.

5. If All Else Fails: Upsize

If none of this is working, consider talking to the Hoboken apartments landlord you’re renting from and see if you can upsize.  It may seem like an expensive thing to do, but if it means you can get more work done and can leave stress and procrastination behind, it’s worth it.  The cost is usually one to five hundred dollars extra a month, so be sure you can afford it before making the move.

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