How To Make The Most Of Long Term Travel

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Gaining the opportunity to travel long term, whether it’s for work or entertainment, can be such a fun and exciting experience – when you know how to plan properly. Things can easily turn sour if you fail to equip yourself for what lies ahead, and it would be such a shame to let a great chance go to waste! Luckily, learning how to make the most of long term travel needn’t be difficult, as there are just a few key areas in which you can focus your efforts to ensure you can enjoy each and every day of your trip. So, if you would like to find out more, then simply read on!



1. Choose Comfortable Accommodations

One of the most important aspects of a successful long term trip is the accommodation that you choose to stay in, as opting for the wrong hotel or apartment could impact dramatically on your overall experience. There’s truly nothing worse than arriving after a long, uncomfortable journey to find that your room doesn’t meet your standards, as you may not be able to source an alternative at such short notice.

The easiest way to identify the best quality accommodation is to check reviews left by previous customers, especially those who attach photos of their experience to back up any claims which have been made (either positive or negative).

Decide upon which stays best suit your needs at each step of your journey, as doing something like renting a fully equipped apartment similar to those in pelangi damansara when you plan on staying for more than a couple of weeks is far more cost effective than seeking out a 5 star hotel that seeks a much higher nightly fee despite the lack of functional amenities. 


2. Always Socialize Safely 


Though it may be tempting to grab every opportunity with both hands when traveling, it can be very risky to socialize without a second thought. You must make an effort to stay safe whenever you head out to socialize abroad, as there are certain dangers that could put you in harm’s way which must be acknowledged.

First, drinking in a bar or club carries considerable risk – consuming a contaminated drink can put you in real danger, as you could lose control of yourself and fall victim to any manner of unlawful behavior. Always watch the bartender pour your drink directly from the bottle or tap, and never put your drink down or take your eyes off it when surrounded by other people.

Never go back to the house of anyone you meet at a bar or club alone, as you never know what their true intentions may be despite the way they present yourself in the short time that you know them. Aim to meet people in the day time in public places, as this is where you will be most safe if anything were to go wrong. 


3. Stay In Touch With Those At Home 

Staying in touch with those at home can be of benefit in several different ways, as not only will you be able to update them of your location and safety, you’ll also get the chance to keep connected with those who mean the most!

Having emotional support from people who you know and trust is invaluable when traveling long term, as you’re likely going to make many superficial short term relationships that don’t provide you with any kind of outlet to talk about your problems or past. There’s often nothing better than hearing your parents voice after a long period without contact, and in the modern day you can even choose to video call to see their faces too. 


4. Ask Locals For Recommendations

No matter which location you visit, asking the locals for recommendations is the best way to find the most amazing bars, restaurants, hotels and more. Those who reside in the area are no doubt aware of every business on offer, and likely have years of experience that they can share with you to help avoid making any mistakes they may have made in the past.

Asking a local where to get the best authentic cuisine will no doubt lead to the most amazing meal, potentially even allowing you to support an independent business to funnel your funds back into the community. Avoiding the big name brands and chains when you are completing long term travel can encourage you to become a more sustainable traveller, supporting families and communities as you journey from place to place rather than adding to the endless profits of corporations. 

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