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How To Make Your Home More Private

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

With everything happening in the world, it’s understandable that privacy has become a priority for a good number of people.

Whether it’s data privacy or privacy at home, it’s important to feel safe on and off-line.

Today I’m highlighting home privacy, and a few steps you can take to make your home feel more secure and safe.

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Putting up a fence in your yard is not only one of the best ways to keep or improve your privacy, but it’s also one of the easiest.

When you put up a good fence, you can enjoy your yard without worrying about being seen or watched.

If you’re a dog parent, it also provides your dog with a space to run wild without running away!

Modern fencing is great because it comes in a lot of different styles and designs to fit your taste and budget.

If you’re into sustainability, they even offer eco-friendly fence paneling options!

A fence is a great option to make your home more private in a relatively quick and affordable manner.

Use Creative Landscaping

You don’t have to put up a fence to make your yard and property more private.

You can also design your landscaping to give you more privacy.

Planting taller shrubs or trees at the edge of your property creates a privacy hedge.

You could even make raised beds around the edge for medium-sized plants.

If you want to go all out, with the help of a professional landscaper, you can even design your yard so that you can’t see your house or another part of the yard.

This is called a “pocket.”

Don’t forget that privacy isn’t just about what you can see but also what you can hear.

You can make your yard more private by adding fountains and other water features that make noise.

If you like natural light as much as I do, this is something you want to plan and be strategic about.

Think About Your Window Treatments

Windows are both useful and nice to look at, but making sure they’re safe is important.

Using a home window installation service to ensure they are secure and look great is crucial.

You need to think about how you use window treatments to get the most privacy without getting in the way of how windows work.

You can choose from blinds, shades, curtains, and drapes, among other things.

Each one has its own pros and cons, so you’ll need to do some research to figure out which one will work best for you.

Window Tinting

When you think of tinted windows, I know you probably think of car windows.

However, tinting the windows of your home can be just as effective for privacy.

It’s also cheap, especially compared to other window treatments, so if you’re on a tight budget but still want personal space, this could be the right solution for you.

Even though privacy might be the main reason you tint your windows, there are other benefits to doing so.

For example, it will keep your house cool in the summer because the sun’s rays won’t be able to get in as much.

Again, if you’re a fan of getting tons of natural light, this might not be the best option for you.

Choose Living Areas At The Back Of Your House

Even though this isn’t always possible if your home has a clearly divided floor plan, you may want to put the living areas in the back of the house (as opposed to at the front of the house).

Since the kitchen and living room are probably used more than, say, the dining room and guest bedroom, it might be best to put them in the back of the house, where people can’t see in as easily.

Install Security Cameras

You might want to think about putting up security cameras on your property.

Even though they may not directly give you more privacy, they do keep people away and discourage unwanted visitors.

Luckily, putting in a security system on your own isn’t too hard these days.

You don’t need an electrician or professional service to come out.

Many of the best cameras on the market today are wireless and can record video to the cloud or send you a message if they see something suspicious.

You’ll sleep much better at night if you put a few cameras on your property.

Install A Driveway Gate

It’s been said that a driveway gate can increase the value of your home by up to five percent.

In addition to making your home look better from the street, their strong construction and extra security features, like access control, will let you keep track of who comes and goes.

Choose a design and style that fits the way you want your home to look, and you’ll have a prettier entranceway and more privacy.

Security Doors

Even though security doors are more for safety than privacy, they can be great for privacy for the same reason.

They put an extra barrier between you and the outside and any potential burglars who might be there. Adding this extra barrier is a great way to keep your home private.

It’ll also help with keeping noise inside your home.

We’ve already seen how security and privacy go hand in hand, and the use of electronic door locks is a great example of how true this is.

As someone who uses an electronic lock for my loft apartment, it’s made my life a little easier knowing I don’t have to carry a house key around.

Final Thoughts

If there’s one place you should feel safe and secure, it’s your home. These tips on how to make your home more private, are achievable and a few of them are relatively inexpensive.

Stay safe friends!

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