How To Pick the Perfect Formal Dress For Your Body Type

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Finding a formal dress that will ensure you feel and look your best is all about enhancing your most positive features. Sure, most of us have a few things we wouldn’t mind changing about our bodies, but choosing a dress that is figure-flattering is a great opportunity to celebrate your body. Here is our checklist to help you show off the beautiful features you were born with.


How to Pick a Flattering Formal Dress


If You Have Full Thighs and Hips:


Whether you are looking for a classic dress or one of the most popular brands in the fashion industry today, you should still dress to flatter your body type. If you are a pear-shape with fuller thighs and hips, make sure that the dress you choose is not shorter than about an inch or two above your knee.

Pick something with an A-line skirt but not anything that is too full. Some shorter and fuller will just look like an ill-matched tu-tu.


If You Have a Full Waist:


If you are more of an apple-shape, you will have a thick middle, so you should aim to elongate your torso’s appearance, while aiming to draw attention away from the waist. When go to Peaches Boutique in Chicago or any retail store, pick a dress that has a drop or empire waist that will help to re-define your waist line. Stay away from thick belts that cinch around the midsection and rather pick a sash belt or chain that you can sling low on your hips. You may also want to place more emphasis on your shoulders. You can create the illusion of greater width by making everything below the shoulders seem narrower. Opt for a structured jacket that ends mid-hip, or wear a dress that covers your shoulders and has enough detailing, like blousing or puffiness, to balance the shoulder-to-hip ratio without making you appear bulky.


If You Have a Small Bust:


If you are not endowed but an ample bosom, stay well away from plunging necklines. Rather pick formal dresses that have a bandeau or scoop neck and sequins or other types of embellishments or adornments to add just enough dimension up top. What’s more, layered necklaces also look great and can add depth to your bust area. If you would prefer to draw the attention away from you bust and try to balance out a smaller lower body, go for dresses that have A-line skirts that fall an inch or so above your knees.


If You Have A Slim Body Shape:


Knit and sweater dresses are great options for slimmer body shapes. You can add layers to the formal dress by adding a fitted jacket for a little extra belt. You could also include a thick belt that will help give more definition to your waist. Bubble dresses are rather en-trend at the moment, which can also help to make your lower body look a little bit larger, but still in proportion. If you are lean and don’t have much in the way of curves, add a few curves with curvaceous patterns and ruffles on the lower half of the dress.

Remember the points discussed above when you go dress shopping!


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