How To Style A Man’s Watch

Many people may not know it but it takes a whole year to make such a watch. All watches go through many tests to make sure they say the time correctly and are not defective. In the event that a piece breaks, the company’s impressive customer service has promised to repair it.

Actor Paul Newman has the Daytona Rolex which is the most expensive Rolex watch sold at auction, priced at $17.8 million. This is what makes a watch a true status symbol, usually for a man. Although women do also take their watches seriously. A Lange Sohne is a great investment and can also make a wonderful gift. 


How to style a watch


You already know that the belt should match the shoes. Well, the same thing happens with watches. Obviously, the rule applies especially to formal events. Technically, you are free to wear each watch with whatever clothes you want (including shoes). But, for those who appreciate etiquette and style, wearing a watch that matches the rest of the outfit is what distinguishes men from boys. Remember: a watch is an accessory. Their goal is to enhance your look, not dominate it.


Matching your watch with your clothes doesn’t have to be complicated; you just have to look for things that look alike. Use metals of the same type, for example, silver to silver or gold to gold. Take note of the metallic elements of your outfit – such as the pieces of your belt, shoes, rings or cufflinks – and combine them with your watch. The strap is also important. Like belts and shoes, leather straps have to match other leather accessories. Therefore, it is desirable to wear a brown leather strap with brown leather shoes and belt. And if the strap is black, then the belt and shoes would have to be as well. The same goes for the style of the shoes. Dress shoes work best with formal watches and sneakers with sports watches. Light-colored dials are usually reserved for daytime events, while gray, khaki, black, or brown are more appropriate for the evening.


Some sources say that men should wear their watch in their least dominant hand.

If you are right-handed, wear your watch on your left hand, and vice versa. The logic behind this is that this way the clock will not move as much, so it will last longer. Plus, so you can also check the time while using your dominant hand to do other activities … like navigating this article. Traditionally the watch is worn loosely enough that the wrist can be fully worn. The ball should be positioned next to the ulna (the bone on the outside of the wrist). The watch should not appear below the wrist cuff when your arm is stationary, but only when you bend it. Either way, a great watch will go a long way to making you look and feel great.


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