The Main Aspects Of Interior Design That Will Elevate Your Home

Danasiafantastic Founder, Editor-in-Chief

The latest trends in interior design dictate that we should be striving for the show home look. Sleek lines, minimal design, crisp colors and natural light are the order of the day. However, what if that sort of look simply doesn’t do it for you? The joy of interior design is the individual flair, creativity and uniqueness that it affords. Following trends are effective for the less experienced designer or for the person who lacks the confidence to strike out using their own taste as a foundation for the style of their home. However, if minimalism is as alien to you as the avocado bathroom suite, it’s time to take a look at other styles for your humble abode. Take a look at the aspects of interior design that cannot fail but to elevate your home.

1. Colors

Although white, cream and biscuit hues grace the covers of Harper’s Bazaar and Tatler, that doesn’t mean that your home must evoke the exact same color scheme, especially if it doesn’t match your taste. Your home needs to be a reflection of your personality, and you need to feel comfortable in your home environment. Think about the sorts of hues and shades you enjoy being around. If you love duck egg blues, teal and light green shades, put those colors on your walls and enjoy being in their ambience.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to show some restraint in your color scheme. Just because you love every colour in the rainbow, doesn’t mean that you need to put every colour known to man in the interior of your home. Use a palette like the ones shown at http://www.housebeautiful.com/color-schemes/ and stick to it. Pick up on the details in some of your accessories and elevate them in your soft furnishings such as your drapes, wallpaper and flooring.

2. Furniture

The pieces of furniture that you choose can elevate the design of any room. Steer clear of the flat pack furniture and go for a more unique TV cabinet, sideboard and table. Head to thrift shops, vintage stores and antique shops to look for those one-off pieces. They will be talking points in your home when you have your next dinner party or soiree. If you love music, why not get yourself a classic 1950s gramophone. If you are an avid writer, why not opt for a display typewriter such as the sleek Hermes 3000 or the 1960s beatnik style Smith Corona.

Don’t succumb to the fads and the trends within magazines and think long term. You need to live in your home, and you have to enjoy the environment in which you relax, have fun and make memories with your family. Find your interior design confidence and unleash your creativity to elevate the look of your home.

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