tips on getting your house winter ready

Is Your House Winter Ready?

Is your house winter ready?

If you don’t know, your home could be slipping away bit by bit without you even knowing, and you’ll be kicking yourself for not doing something about all that necessary maintenance work sooner!

Summer has been and gone, and Halloween was as spooky as ever, so now it’s time to look towards Christmas. So with the winter rapidly approaching, and your house probably in need of a few checks here and there, here’s a quick checklist to run through.

Winters can be rough for architecture, especially if your house is old. Here are a two questions to ask yourself to see if your home is winter ready:

1. Have You Checked On Your Ventilation Systems?

Your house needs to have a good flow of air in and out of it, and if you don’t have some reliable ventilation (apart from opening the windows and doors), you’re going to need to sort this out sooner than later.

You see, even though it’s cold and wet outside, you still need fresh, cool, and clean air circulating throughout your rooms – it ensures that you can breathe properly and normally!

First of all, you’re going to want to check on your extractor fans, usually in the kitchen and the bathroom. You want their filters to be spinning cleanly and smoothly, and you might need to replace the filter if it’s been a few months.

Similarly, if your air conditioning is broken, or you’ve been making do with it tripping in and out whenever it pleases, now’s the time for you to look into an ac replacement. And hey, if you get ahead of the ac game before next summer, you’ll get a new unit quicker and cheaper!

2. Have You Got Enough Insulation on Your Windows?

Sure, you’ve got double glazing, and you’re keeping the windows closed whenever the air gets a bit nippy outside, but have you got enough insulation covering your windows?

You’re probably going to need to bundle up the walls of your house with a few more layers, and that means replacing the curtains you have hung up.

You’re going to need something thicker and stronger, and probably of blackout quality for your winter needs. So why not invest in a pair of drapes? Or a some thermal quality curtains?

Those go the extra mile for keeping the warmth in, seeing as they have some foam in their fabric layers – they can even act as a bit of soundproofing as well, for times like when the noisy grit truck goes around the neighborhood making the roads a bit safer!

Is your house all bundled up ready for winter? If not, now’s the time to do some preliminary checks, and get yourself into a more festive mood whilst you’re at it! It’s time to have a cozy winter season this year.

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