Jermaine Clark Inspires Us to “Stay Dreamin'”


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Photos by Kimmy Ducasse

A motivating message to the Millennials, “Stay Dreamin'” -the solo art exhibit by Jermaine Clark, pushes you to find purpose and fulfillment in life despite the obstacles of the everyday. His opening reception was held Saturday, April 16th at Gallery L1 located in Old 4th Ward, just steps from the Eastside Beltline trail. Through his humbling view, he brings forth the idea to wade in the struggle and remain intact under the everyday pressures of life, but to continue pursuing your dreams relentlessly. His story reiterates the idea of patience and optimism- you have to go out and get what you want in order to make a way; being his 7th solo exhibit, he’s done just that. On his blog, Clark describes the process as organically as you would the blooming of flowers; dreams grow from a bud of hope, getting nurtured by acknowledging your success and growing from adversity, all for the benefit of your future.

Walking down the trail that leads from the Eastside Beltline to Ralph McGill, the first thing I noticed was the bass bumping through the doors of Gallery L1. It was no surprise that there was a lively turnout for the opening exhibit of Jermaine Clark’s solo exhibit. Entering an air of familiarity Clark’s friends and supporters filled the sizeable gallery with good energy as they gathered around the Art, food and merchandise. The tunes DJ Mosiah played kept the crowd dancing for the duration of the event as they enjoyed food from Irons Cuisines and fingered through his prints for sale, including an exclusive collection of “Dreamin’” shirts you may have seen Clark model on his Instagram. His cohesive collection of art has an urban feel that spanned across the gallery walls, showcasing colorful, overlayed Aerosol messages of positivity like “dream” and “try” written in graffiti behind silhouettes of people he knows, loves, and is inspired by.

Advice to Millennials pursuing creative passions: Hang in there. Jermaine says “things aren’t always as bad as they seem, and good things do come from a little struggle if you stay focused.” He goes on to say “I have a 9 to 5 and I don’t try to hide that” as to further the idea that concentrating solely on your creative passions is a luxury not always afforded to those striving for it. “No matter what life throws at you, there is an opportunity to enjoy the process.”

Gallery L1 is uniquely located on the bottom floor of the Telephone Factory lofts, owner Danielle Bernstein brings forth diverse gatherings to fill the space, ranging from art parties to pop-up dinners. She strives to host emerging artistic talent that have accumulated enough work for a solo show. For artists in need of a versatile gallery space, they are currently accept admissions through their website!

Jermaine Clark’s work will be available for viewing through May 14th, 2016 by appointment only. Appointments can be made through his manager Chris Duncan ( who will also be able to answer questions about purchasing and commissions.

Whatever you do Millennials, make sure you stay dreamin’.


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