Job Hunt Blues: 4 Ways to Occupy Your Time Off

job hunt blues

Job Hunt Blues: What to do with your Time Off

Written By Whitney Blomquist

The job hunt can feel like a full time job itself. When you are feeling discouraged, it is easy to get caught up in things that make you feel sluggish or unproductive, like social media sites or TV shows you’ve seen ten times. (Did you know 18-34 year olds spend an average of 3.8 hours per day on social networks, according to That is a lot of time!)

Make the best of your unemployment. Instead of stalking that girl with the perfect life, job, boyfriend and abs on FB, put your energy elsewhere. You are in a unique situation and probably won’t have this free time again until you retire. Plus, employers aren’t interested in unenthusiastic, down in the dumps people. Rejuvenate yourself and be ready when the time comes to impress your future boss:

  1.  Get active. You can no longer use the excuse that you don’t have time to get in shape. You may not have money to go to the gym or a weekly yoga class, but you can surely go for a long run or watch a yoga class on YouTube.
  2.  Volunteer. I know… you need money! But volunteering can be an awesome way to network with some companies you may be interested in working for. Even if it doesn’t lead to a job, you are making an impact in your community and you should feel good about that!
  3.  Explore. Most cities have several museums or historic sites that are free or only ask for donations. Visit an art gallery or go to a poetry reading, the beach or on a hike. All of this stuff is free or will only cost you a few bucks. Take advantage of these opportunities! Check out Local Hikes for information on trails near you. If you are in NYC, check out FIT’s Fashion Museum for some free inspiration and if you are in Atlanta, Urban Grind Coffee House has open mic poetry every Thursda
  4.  Get spiritual. I’m not saying you need to go to church or become a Bible banger, but it doesn’t hurt to connect with something bigger than you or relax your soul for a bit. Sometimes having something/someone to turn to in times of struggle can make you feel like there is hope in this world. Check out Amitayus Kadampa Buddhist Center in Philadelphia for free, guided meditation classes or join a meditation meet-up group in Miami.

No matter what you choose to do, do something. Stop making excuses! Use this time to find yourself and explore new things. At least you won’t be able to say you did nothing with your time off!

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