Jewelry Designer Katie Dean.

The Realist Spotlight: The Creative Katie Dean of Katie Dean Jewelry

Jewelry Designer Katie Dean.
Jewelry Designer Katie Dean.

Interviewed by Danasia Fantastic

This week for the Realist Spotlight, we sit down with the beautiful Katie Dean, designer of Katie Dean Jewelry.

How did you start designing jewelry?

I have been making jewelry since I was little, but I actually started ‘designing’ jewelry when I was at a crossroads in my life as an artist. I was at a point where I just wanted to make art for the sake of having fun and to have a creative outlet. I had never really considered doing it as a career but once I started it was like an obsession, I had all these ideas and I just couldn’t stop!

Tell me about your collection titled “The Awakening”:

‘The Awakening’ is my first collection and for me it was a new chapter in my life. It felt as if I had finally made it to where I was meant to be. All this creative energy that I had just sitting there came pouring out. As far as the aesthetic of the collection, I wanted it to have a bohemian feel but with pops of color and the pieces just came to life from that vision.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

My personal style is a mix of so many things… boho-hipster-glam-rock’n’roll but I’m from the midwest so I like putting in a Western feel. I love following the trends too, but I do it with my own twist or else it doesn’t feel like me.

Kylie Jenner in Katie Dean Jewelry.
Kylie Jenner in Katie Dean Jewelry.

What inspires you?

A lot of my inspiration comes from places. The countryside, the beach, city life, that all has a feeling to it and I try to create my pieces so they convey a certain feeling when you wear it.

What words do you live by?

What words do I live by? I say things to myself like, ‘Enjoy what’s happening right here, right now’ because as corny as that is, life can get so busy and there are always deadlines to meet. It’s easy to be rushing through and not actually enjoy what’s happening right now in this instant. So while I’m extremely happy to have my jewelry line growing at such a fast rate, I’m also trying to take things slower and soak everything in.

Have you ever experienced the quarter-life crisis?

I’ve TOTALLY experienced the quarter life crisis. It actually happened to me before I turned 25! I came to a point where I was doing things that I thought we’re making me happy, super busy always going from place to place, but at the end of the day I wasn’t truly fulfilled. There was something missing and I couldn’t figure it out for a while. One day I sat down and I thought to myself, what did I love doing when I was a kid? When I didn’t have bills or obligations, what was I happiest doing? It came down to a few things but in all of them I was creating and making some sort of art. At that moment I made a promise to myself that every week I would make art for my own satisfaction, no one else’s. One of those things was making jewelry and that’s where Katie Dean Jewelry really began.

What are 5 Things You’d Tell Your 20 year old Self?

Stop worrying about what other people think, it really doesn’t matter!!

Just buy the shoes.

Be more honest, say it like it is.

Relax, it’s okay to take a day off.

Travel more.

Katie Dean Jewelry.
Katie Dean Jewelry.


To see more jewelry from Katie Dean’s Awakening Collection and to shop her awesome pieces, visit


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