3 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe

Most of us assume that our homes are safe – but are they? It will probably shock you to see how many homes are genuinely not very secure at all. In general, home security is an aspect of home design that we tend to neglect. We’re more concerned with making our interiors look nice and boosting our curb appeal. 


However, you must make your home secure as well. So, is your house as safe as it could be? To find out, here are a few security features you need to have:


1. Automatic Locks

You should have locks on every door that leads in or out of your house. But, what happens if someone forgets to lock up as they leave for work? Or, you don’t lock the back door before going to bed? Someone can easily walk up to your house and go straight inside without breaking a sweat. 


Granted, you’re probably going to argue that you spent a long time searching for the ideal neighborhood to ensure you really loved the home you bought. Well, even the safest neighborhoods get burgled, and there’s an easy way to reduce the odds of this happening. All you have to do is get locks that automatically lock your door when it’s closed.

They’re easy to find and have been around for years; you open them with a key on the outside, but they instantly lock when closed. This way, you don’t have to worry about someone forgetting to lock up.


2. An Alarm System

All houses are built with alarm systems. However, over time, they can break down or become a bit useless. With that in mind, it’s crazy how many houses are using alarm systems that just don’t work anymore. Speak to any local alarm companies, and they’ll tell you that they’ve visited countless properties that just aren’t adequately equipped to deal with intruders. 


Naturally, you need a functioning alarm system to detect any break-ins. The system should trigger when someone breaks into your house, alerting the authorities right away. This is a crucial part of home security as it means your neighbors can see something is amiss, and it will likely scare away any intruders. Test your house alarm to make sure that it works, or bring in an alarm company to see if you can benefit from a new one. 


3. Double Glazing Windows

That’s right, the windows in your home impact the safety as well. Realistically, you need double glazing as the absolute minimum. This offers thicker windows than single glazing, which adds to the security of your home. It’s harder to break double glazing windows, so you make it tougher for any to break in. 


If you really want to make your home secure, then go for triple glazing windows instead. Again, these are thicker than double-glazed ones, so it’s even harder for your windows to break. 


There are other security features you might want to add to your home – like CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and a security gate. But, you absolutely must have the three things listed above. If you don’t tick all these things off, then your home isn’t as safe as it should be. 


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