3 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe During Home Renovations

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It’s very important to maintain and manage our homes, but over time that can mean both light and intensive repair jobs are needed. The latter jobs can be especially disruptive to the normal flow of our household, and that’s worth keeping in mind. After all, renovating or repairing a house can mean heavy construction work needs to take place, or we need to do without the usual utilities we take for granted.


Sometimes, home repairs are so intensive that we need to spend some time out of the house. For instance, if some of your home is opening up, if you’re having subsidence measures put in place, or if you’re repairing the roof, it could be that spending a few days out of the house, be that in a hotel or staying with a relative, could be very important to keep our family safe.


For everything else, however, it’s important to understand how we can keep our children safe, as they usually have the most sensitive reactions to living in a home undergoing repairs. Let’s see how that can be aided with some of the following tips:


1. Dust Sheets & Locked Doors


Locked doors are, of course, very helpful in preventing your children from wandering into any spaces they shouldn’t be. It’s important to keep your tradesmen cognizant of that while they work. However, dust sheets around the door frame, on top of certain furniture and used as doorway replacements when walls are being knocked through can be healthy, because they stop dust and debris from making their way out of the room currently being worked on. It might be that further divisions are needed when using services such as pest control, as perhaps vacating your property for a day or two could be necessary in bad cases.


2. Try to Control Noise Pollution


Noise pollution is a problem as it can not only disturb the peace of your child and sometimes leave them frightened, but it can also damage their ears in extreme cases. For this reason, it’s a good idea to make sure that your child is away from the house, such as in preschool, when the heaviest work is taking place. Arranging that with the tradesmen can be important. Sometimes, the heaviest and loudest work might require heading out for the afternoon with your child. This way, you can make sure that even extensive and invasive jobs don’t cause too many problems.


3. Consider The Air Quality


The air quality of your household is important to factor in, for reasons we have discussed above. You might decide, for instance, that purchasing a fan to keep the healthy air flow through the building, with open windows, is a great place to start. From there, you might consider that purchasing air filters can help you filter much of the breathable dust that escapes from the rooms being worked on, even past the dust sheets, can solidify your efforts. It might even be that making sure an air conditioning unit is placed in a newly renovated room can help your child sleep there more easily at night, so that you don’t have to leave them going without in the midst of summer.


With this post, we hope you can keep your children safe, even while applying home renovations and repairs.

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