This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Olay. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Since I began traveling a ton at the beginning of the year, my skin has taken quite the beating. Between falling asleep for hours on end on flights with my face full of makeup, to forgetting my facial cleansers and having to use hotel soap to clean my face for a week, saying I’m tough on my skin is a bit of an understatement. Even though I have a dark, even skin tone, I’ve always struggled with keeping my skin hydrated without it feeling super greasy. That’s why when Olay reached out asking me to be a part of their Olay Luminous 28-day challenge, I hopped all over it.

For the #Olay28day challenge I was asked to use four products from their Olay Luminous collection: The Olay Luminous Micellar Water, The Olay Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate (hands down –  my favorite beauty product ever, but we’ll talk more about that later), The Olay Regenerist Overnight Mask, and The Olay Luminous Light Hydrating Lotion. Since I was going to be traveling a bit during the challenge, I purchased clear 3oz. travel bottles to put a bit of the Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask and the Olay Luminous Micellar Water in since I never check a bag and wanted to be sure I had the whole product line with me. From day one, I could tell there was something different about these products. When I first tried the Olay Luminous Micellar Water, I have to admit I was a bit skeptical. I’ve always had awful experiences with products that “claim” they can remove your makeup while leaving your skin soft and hydrated- but the Micellar Water did just that. I love how it cleanses my skin without that rubbing alcohol type of feeling other products have.

I’ve become completely obsessed with the Olay Luminous Miracle Boost Concentrate- it’s become my favorite skincare product! It’s designed to work with the Light Hydrating Lotion and fades the look of dark spots and uneven skin tones. It goes on after the Micellar Water and before the Light Hydrating Lotion and it’s a must when using this regimen. I swear by it! The Olay Luminous Light Hydrating Lotion has become my new go-to for keeping my skin hydrated. It’s the only face lotion I’ve come across that doesn’t leave your skin feeling clammy the moment you step out into the summer sun. I’ve never been much of a face mask girl, but the Olay Regenerist Luminous Overnight Mask has definitely changed that for me. I love that it doesn’t require you to wash it off, but that it absorbs into your skin throughout the night.


I couldn’t be more happy with how my skin has changed using the Olay Luminous product line! For years, I’ve struggled to find high-quality African American skincare products that wouldn’t put a huge dent into my wallet, and with these Olay products, I’ll never have to struggle again. I don’t remember the last time my skin had this healthy, bright glow to it. If you have dark skin and deal with any ashiness or unevenness, please pick up Olay Luminous next time you’re shopping- you won’t regret it! Or better yet – head to the Olay website for their limited-time offer!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Olay. The opinions and text are all mine.

  • Amy

    Your skin looks amazing, simply glowing! I love Olay products.

    • Thanks Amy! You’ve got to try this Luminous line!

  • Always been a fan of Olay products – great to hear it works so well and that it doesn’t cost the earth 🙂

    • It’s so affordable Emily!

  • Louise Smith

    I’ve not used Olay in ages, but I may have to give these products a try. Look how beautiful and glowy your skin is <3

    Louise x

    • Thanks so much Louise- you totally should!

  • i always used to think that olay was for the elder generation but ive come to learn its starting early that benefits our skin, olay is always the must have product

    • Yeah it’s so true- it’s all about prevention and maintaining your skin!

  • Lauretta

    I have heard good things about Olay. I’m actually planning to try this out.

    • Let me know how you like it Lauretta!

  • KGR

    I’ve never tried Olay but your skin looks radiant. Might be worth treating my skin to!

  • What a super challenge to be part of! My ageing skin would likely really appreciate something like this.

    • Thanks! It was a ton of fun and my skin is so much healthier now.

  • I have always bought the Olay products for myself and never for me, that is about to change I need to jump on this luminous product

  • Amy Deverson

    I love Olay as a brand – I have never tried Olay Luminous though! Your skin looks amazing so I guess I should add it to my list!! x

    • You should totally add it to your list Amy!

  • missingsleep

    Your skin looks great, Olay Luminous is definitely working for you, I must give it a try! x

  • Great that you’ve finally found something that suits your skin type. I’ve used Olay in the past and think it’s great too 🙂

  • I’ve always had such a good experience with Olay products so it’s great to hear positive things about this range x

    • Their products are incredible Rhian!

  • Joanna

    I’ve never tried Olay before I know my mum use to use it. Your skin looks fantastic i”ll have to check out Olay for my very dry skin.

    • My mom used it when I was a little girl as well. It’s nice to see they’ve stayed so consistent throughout the years!

  • Jinzo_2400

    Olay has always been such a quality brand and I think it was kinda neat they had the smarts to team up with you,Danasia.

  • Laura Dove

    You have THE most beautiful skin! You really do look luminous, I need to try this!

  • Your skin is looking fantastic, will check out Olay as it looks like just what I need!

  • Jenni Grainger

    You skin certainly does look radiant. It’s great when you find a product you can trust

  • Your skin looks luminous and I am so glad that you were able to find a product that worked for your skin type. Flawless x

  • lianne

    Sounds amazing, glad you found something that works for you. Your skin looks great!!

  • You have the most amazing sparkly skin! Just gorgeous. I’m hearing more and more positive recommendations about Micellar Water – I really must try.

  • Your skin is FANTASTIC – so glowing! Will definitely have to try some more Olay products if that’s the result!

  • Steph

    Glad your skin loved it and your skin is glowing!Always on the lookout for good skin care products and haven’t really tried a lot of Olay products but your skin looks wonderful!

  • Dada KS

    I love Olay! I grew up with this pink bottle and a black cap. My mother used it so I used it to as a teenager. I can almost smell it! I dont know why I changed…I need to go back using Olay!

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