7 Ways to Kill Stress In Your Life

If your January was anything like mine, you’re probably a bit stressed. Not only did the month seem to last 90 days, it was full of world catastrophes and unexpected deaths (RIP Kobe!). 

To combat the anxiety and stress I’ve been feeling, I’ve made it a point to do a number of things on the list below and you should too! In order to improve your mindfulness, self esteem and general wellbeing, consider these easy tips in order to stay calm this year. 


1. Get in that “me” time.

Learn to love your own company. Try even switching off your phone for an evening, you can tell people so they won’t bother you unless it’s urgent and you can finally get some peace. This will help you clear your head. In the long run it will make you better able to deal with other people as you’ve taken the time to be with you.

You will therefore be able to strengthen your relationships and no longer see these as cause for stress. Go out for dinner alone, or to the cinema. Think of it as just as important as date night, or family night. 


2. Do something new.


Try a new hobby! There are many therapeutic activities you can take up. Why not get creative? This can be one of the most satisfying ways to distract yourself from the stress of everyday life. Start making things at home. Where do your talents lie? If you like cooking or baking, invent some new recipes! Try making your own soap, and bath products. You can find a soap making supplier.

Not only will you have fun making them but can enjoy a nice relaxing soak afterwards! You could also take up a new exercise class like dance or yoga. A change is as good as a rest, so shake things up a bit. 


3. Indulge yourself.

It’s not a sin from time to time. Why not buy yourself little treats? Get some nice flowers or plants to decorate your house. You’re always taking care of everyone else so well, why not give yourself a bit of spoiling. Go to the fancy bakery and get some of your favorite little pastries, and sit and watch a movie in bed. 


4. Visit the Spa. 

Most spa treatments can relax you and help to reduce stress. How about a massage? You’ll need something to relieve the tension. Give yourself a mini makeover, go to the hairdresser or have your nails done. Calm down by freshening up. 

If visiting a spa is a bit out of your price range, there are many products you can buy to use at home, like aromatherapy oils and natural remedies to help you relax. Light some candles, try lavender, peppermint or rosemary scents. Sort out all your aches and pains, and your stress will minimize immediately.


5. Go on a mini break.

Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t got the time or money to spend on a long holiday. Why not try a day trip to somewhere local you’ve never been before. It’s always great for your physical and mental well-being.

Go out for a walk in in a park, look up hiking and cycling routes near you. If you’re lucky enough to live near the sea or a lake, proximity to natural water can be very relaxing. Take a trip by yourself, this will help you to get into your own head space. 


6. Forget the past.

Where it’s important to acknowledge any mistakes you may have made on the way, it’s better to try to learn from these. Turn your regrets into ways you can improve yourself and your life. Don’t dwell on the past, but consider it a lesson learnt, you will do things differently from now on and this is a positive thing. If you like, consider writing a journal or even a list of your plans for the future. There are even many apps available to help you to do this, and allow you focus on tomorrow rather than yesterday. 


7. Be positive.

If you make a special effort to smile it will create a domino effect. Even though it can be challenging just making a tiny effort to spread positivity can go a long way. Make more time to chat to those people in your life you never have time for.

Whether it’s family friends or colleagues, or people in your neighborhood you see everyday but always rush past, try to stop and chat. Make more low maintenance friends. That way you’ll have a happy familiar face ready to greet you wherever you go. 


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