5 Reasons to Visit Komodo Island

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Planning to go out of the norm maybe for a vacation, a weekend out, or even for work? Komodo Island would be the ideal place and while there you could experience how diving in Komodo Island is and if not so much into it you could also learn and have an idea of how it is. 

5 Things to Expect When Going Diving in Komodo Island 

As one prepares him or herself to go somewhere especially for fun purposes, they always have some expectations of how the place will be. How will it look like? How are the services there? Will it be fun? Such kind of questions always lingers in one’s mind. Below are five things to expect when going diving in Komodo Island. 

1. It Takes Money and Time to Get There

The aspect of money will always come by especially if one does not stay close to the getaway place, they are going to. Even if the area Is near, they will have to pay for the services they will receive. When going diving in Komodo Island, one has to get charged for getting into the Island and the public swimming pool they will use. 

Money and time go hand in hand, as they say, time is money. The much time spent there also amounts to the money you get charged. The rates could be hourly or per day, so go armed with some money in exchange for a good time diving in Komodo Island.

2. They Value A Slower Pace of Life

One will have fun and relax while at Komodo Island. Life will be different as compared to the usual where one is busy with their day’s activities. People are serving you and giving you what you ask for. 

3. Colorful Houses and Peaceful Environment

Visiting Komodo Island will blow your mind. The houses built there are to die for. The environment as well is full of peace and one can take time while there to ponder about one or two things that they were not able to while in their usual environments.

4. There’s More Than Just Diving

If your sole purpose of visiting Komodo Island was just to dive, you will be in for more than just that. Komodo island offers much more. A diver will get a whole beautiful experience while under the waters but also when out of the waters, they will be amazed by the beauty. Komodo Island is beautifully endowed with good sceneries.

5. You Can Discover Other Hobbies

When one is diving in Komodo island, the under-waters are so lovely. Such awesomeness on a diver’s eyes will make him or her want to capture such moments perhaps through photos or a video. Apart from just diving, this will make a diver want to do more while in the under-waters. There are underwater photographs that exist and do-good photos, and this is an area that a diver would want to venture into. 

This will hence make the diver want to make a comeback maybe after learning how to take photographs while underwater. If they already know when they can come back when they have carried the camera that has the capability of taking the photos while under the waters. 

The experience while diving in Komodo Island will not only be refreshing to a diver’s mind but also could bring in income if the photos captured could be made for sale.


This article highlighted five things that one should expect when going diving in Komodo Island. The five things are it takes money and time to get there, one experiences a slower pace of life, one will find colorful houses and peaceful environment, an experience of more than just diving and finally a diver could discover other hobbies out of diving in Komodo Island.

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