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10 Life Lessons You Learn in Your 20’s

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Adulting is a big challenge and there is no real secret to it. No one gives us an instruction manual or directs us on what to do and this causes us to need to make it on our own and explore the world ourselves. Lessons need to be learned in order to adapt and live a happier and healthier life, and today we want to share just a few of the lessons you need to learn in your twenties. 


1. Losing Friends is Natural


None of us ever want to lose friends and the thought of drifting away from those we once confided in can feel like a huge loss. Unfortunately though, losing friends is a totally natural process and it will happen. When we are forging a life for ourselves and learning how to be an adult, we need to focus on what’s important and this means we don’t have as much free time to spend with our friends.

This is something that might hurt at first, but strong friendships can survive this change, and only the weak ones will fall. You’ll end up with fewer friends in the end, but better ones. 


2. Heartbreak Makes You Stronger- In Due Time.


One of the things that no one ever wants to go through is heartbreak. Breaking up with someone you love can be the most painful experience in the world and it will weigh heavily on you for a long time. However, don’t dismay, because heartbreak can teach us some real-life lessons and show us how to improve our future relationships.

Knowing How to break up amicably is something you will learn in time and actually, being able to walk away from a bad relationship will allow you to grow and you’re your own way in life. 


3. You’ll Make Bad Dating Choices 

Feelings of attraction towards someone can camouflage their bad points and sometimes you’ll look back and wonder what you were thinking. But this experience again will teach you what you are looking for in a partner and it will allow you to eventually make the right decisions for yourself and your life. Dating creeps is the journey you will take in order to find your true love so you’ll just have a take one for the team and learn from it. 


4. Taxes are Super Important 

For years, you will have been sat in your maths class learning about algebra and trigonometry and your teachers will have told you time and time again that these skills are essential for later life. News flash: they aren’t. 


The skills that you really need to know are how to apply for a mortgage, how to budget your monthly expenses, and how to do your taxes. These skills are real-life ones and you will need to take the time to learn them during your time as a twenty-something. Read articles online and speak to your parents and make sure that you really understand how taxes work because this is a crucial skill to learn. 


5. Voting is Important 


There are too many people in the world who will tell you that it doesn’t make a difference if you vote or not because your vote won’t impact the result. Don’t ever listen to these people. Voting for a local counselor or the next prime minister is a big deal and you have a duty as a citizen to make a vote and share your voice.

If everyone walked around thinking their vote didn’t matter, no one would ever visit the polling stations and nothing would be decided! Use your right and make sure that you vote for what you believe in. 


6. Invest in Quality Skincare Products


Far too many of us spend a huge amount of money on makeup and then hunt for the cheapest skincare we can find to go along with it. What you will begin to learn during your adult life though is that this should really be the other way around. The skin is the biggest organ in the body and it is one that needs to be maintained and looked after.

If you don’t look after your skin, you won’t have a smooth foundation to place your, well, foundation on top of. Makeup will never look as good as it can because you will not have healthy skin underneath. Learn your skin type and find some good quality products for your skin. You can even search the sale section in your local drug store, just make sure that you buy for quality and not price. 


7. Mother Knows Best- Most Of the Time


When we are young and our parents try to give us advice about anything and everything, it is easy to dismiss this as parents being parents and ignore them completely. However, you will start to realize when you grow older that your parents were right.

You should have gone to sleep earlier before your exam, you shouldn’t have dated that boy, and you should have avoided shaving your arms. 


8. Bills Are a Skill


You’ll learn a lot of things as you grow into adulthood, but none more than how annoying bills can be. Bills are a pain and more often than not, you’ll need to juggle your finances in order to pay them on time and also live your life. The skill of paying bills and managing money is an important one to learn and you should absolutely take the chance to find your flow with this. 


9. Cooking is Better Than Eating Out 


We all need to eat, and cooking is a skill we will need to nail at some point during our adult life. There is such a temptation when we are young and finally have our freedom to order takeaways and eat out at every opportunity, but this is not the best way to live and it can be expensive as well as unhealthy. Cooking will not only save you a ton of money later down the line, but it will also allow you to be healthier. Once you learn how to cook and cook well, you’ll never go back. 


10. A Few Great Friends Are Better Than a Ton of Average Ones


Friends become very valuable in adult life. We are so used to having a large group of friends in school that when friends start to fade away it can leave us feeling inadequate. However, you will soon learn that having 2-3 close friends is more than enough and is way more valuable than having a group of 8-10 friends who are never around when you need them. Make the most of the friends you have and value them. 

Most of us learn these life lessons in due time, but it’s nice to know you’re not alone!

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