5 Tips to Keep You Look Good from Now Until Well Into Your 50’s

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Have you heard these before? ‘Life begins at fifty’ and ‘fifty is the new forty.’ With longer life expectancies and later retirement ages, turning 50 is no longer considered being old.


People live more active lifestyles and remain working for longer. Supported by the trend to be healthier overall, looking good well into your 50s is easier than ever. 


This article offers you five practical tips to implement. Apply these guidelines to put you on the right track to keep your youthful good looks, even after five decades. 


1. Health Matters

Taking care of your body and mind after 50 starts by reviewing your health insurance plan. You may feel fit and healthy, but now is not the time to ignore ailments and warning signs. 

Blood pressure and cholesterol levels are likely to rise, and your risk dreaded diseases like cancer increases after 50. Hormonal changes in women may lead to menopause, and men will need prostate examinations. 

Consider osteoporosis as loss in bone density may lead to injuries. Your hips and knees may need some extra care, too, so plan for the possibility of surgery or physiotherapy to support accidents. 

You may need to swap your readers and start wearing glasses and visit the optician more regularly. Check out the best online glasses retailer and find a pair that looks great. Also, screening for glaucoma can detect damage to the optic nerves, which are vital for your vision.

Dental checkups are essential for older people too. The enamel on your teeth gets thinner with age, and you may need a little extra support from an oral hygienist to keep your healthy smile in great shape. 


2. Eat Well 

Your nutritional needs and ability to process food change as you grow older. Maintain a healthy weight to support your immune system by managing your sugar and eating carbs.

Your objective shouldn’t be getting thin, but rather to remain strong, healthy, and eat well. Keeping an eye on your weight and controlling blood sugar levels are more important than numbers on the scale.  

Take into account that your metabolism slows down during mid-life. Digestion processes and the way your body reacts to food changes. Add proper hydration and drink plenty of water to help break down and absorb food. 

You should eat for energy and consider nutritional values, and preferably avoid or limit empty calories. Pack your plate with plenty of fresh vegetables, high fiber fruit, and whole grains.  

Fish and lean meat options are best for protein. Choose organic when you can and opt for low-fat dairy products. Reading the food label will guide you on what’s in your meal. 


3. Exercise Equals Vitality 

Exercise is essential, and you should make time for it in your daily routine. It’s not too late to start doing light exercise when you’re older. If you’ve not been active, ask your doctor for a health check before you set off. 

Walking is ideal; it’s not too hard on the joints and muscles. Start slowly and increase your time and distance as you get stronger. 

Choose an activity to enjoy with family and friends or join a group to keep you motivated. Walking is accessible to all, and you can do it almost anywhere. You’ll only need a comfortable pair of shoes and remember sunscreen or a hat if you’re out on a hot day. 

Once you feel more energetic, you can add more variety to your exercise regime. You’ll find it increases your energy levels and helps you sleep better. 

4. Sound Asleep

Insomnia and waking up during the night is a common occurrence for people over 50. You may find you’re waking up tired and feel sleepy during the day. 

Eating well and increasing exercise may help improve sleep. However, a regular sleeping routine is still the best. Make sure you have an optimal resting environment with a comfortable mattress and ideally create a quiet, dark room for this purpose. 

Go to bed at a regular time, and stay away from bright lights like screens or digital devices before sleep. Instead, opt to dim the lights and have some downtime with a good book or relaxing music before bed. 

5. Sharp Minds

Just like your body, your brain needs exercise and stimulation to remain in great shape. Keep your mind sharp by trying new things and expanding on some activities you’re already enjoying.

If you like crossword puzzles or word games, try a more challenging level. Try something new and upskill yourself, especially if you’re still working. Learning a new computer skill or signing up for a cooking class is ideal for keeping your mind in shape.   

Set yourself a goal to go digital and download an app to embrace social media without your kids’ help or one for saving and editing your pictures on a smartphone. 

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