3 Ways to Love and Accept Yourself

We all know that we should live life to the fullest. In fact, helping you to that has been our stated goal for some time. However, it can be hard to know how to do this, even when given great advice. Something we see that is totally inspirational, perhaps a quote on Instagram, a book we read, or even a YouTube motivational speech can give us that sense of inspiration for a day, and then it quickly dissipates?


Why is this? Why can it seem like our ‘inspiration cup’ is one filled with holes, or placed on an unstable surface? Well, it is often because we fail to give yourself the credit we deserve. We are the baseline of our experience, and so if we fail to accept ourselves and have self-belief ready to hand, all the inspiration in the world cannot help us. It is why it is impossible to help someone on a downward decline if they do not wish to help themselves.


With the following advice, you are sure to accept yourself, which will directly lead to living your best life:


1. Strut Your Stuff


So you haven’t a body that would be best placed on a supermodel. So you still have a couple of stretch marks from your pregnancy, or when you were a little more overweight than you are now. So you have a few birthmarks, a mole here or there, and perhaps not the most shapely figures. Who cares?

Does that mean you shouldn’t strut your stuff with glee and feel proud about it? Not at all. You have a human form, and no matter what form that takes (provided you look after it of course), you should feel proud of it. Life is too short to condemn yourself to one silly category of shame. Strut your stuff and you’ll feel the same.


2. Have Fun With It!


To strut your stuff you’ll have to consider your style and your walk. Have fun with it! If heading to a beach, be sure to consider how Planet Blue offers a wide selection of bathing suits that could fit to your figure perfectly, or perhaps your interest in accessorizing and feeling confident in your own skin could make the most difference. When you’re happy to express yourself you can stop conforming to the norms and instead find the best apparel for you, completely free in your weirdness or creativity. It’s through this that you find happiness.


3. Find People Who Support You


Finding people who will never criticize or question you is not the goal, but finding friends you can trust and enjoy life with, and mutually support always, can help this mindset feel quite wonderful, and give you boundless energy. When you’re with people who also accept themselves, life becomes much easier and much more comfortable to deal with.


With these tips, you’re certain to live life to the fullest.

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