learn to love your living room with these tips

Love Your Living Room With These 3 Tips

We laugh, love and lounge in a living room, it’s the center for all things living in our home, yet you may not like your living room too much never mind love it, so why not change it?

It doesn’t need to be drastic or expensive, subtle and simple will do. If you want to inject some love back into your living room life, here are 3 tips just for you.

1. Cozy It Up

There’s no higher purpose for your living room than giving you the ability to cozy up, watch a film, read a book, do some drawing, or whatever else your fancy.

But there are some essentials you might need first to make this happen. Such as a super soft teddy fleece blanket for the cooler nights, a large foam bag or a full body bean bag to sink into, a rug to warm up a cold hard floor, or the ultimate living room cozy tool of them all, a fireplace!

2. Make It Pop

Is the living room perhaps lacking love because of its lack of color? Neutrals are the perfect hues to create the illusion of bigger brighter spaces but refrain from leaving your living room sparse of pops of color to add warmth, vibrance, and personality.

Quit playing it safe with color and choose the palette you love, whether it’s an eclectic collection of cushions with mustards, teals, and gold, or some prints on the wall with splashes of blue, orange and silver.

If you’re stuck for inspiration, go into a home decor shop or visit a flea market that sells interior accessories and fabrics and pay attention to what you’re drawn too.

The trick is only to buy that which you love because anything less for your living room space just won’t do.

3. Light It Up

The light that beams through our windows (if any at all) can’t be depended on every day throughout the year to create the ambiance you desire.

Which is why artificial lighting is your interior design friend for helping to change the role of your room in an instant.

Whether it’s romantic or cozy, a few candles and/or fair lights will work. If you need a bright but relaxing atmosphere, a lamp positioned next to the sofa will create a chilled work or reading space.

Alternatively, you can use light purely for decor to impress guests, for example, try placing a strip of LED lighting behind the tv unit to illuminate your back feature wall.

To create a lounge to cuddle into after a hard day at work, to nap or entertain in, the tips above can help you create a space that you adore, and a lounge that’s functional.

By paying attention to cozying the area up with different textures, choosing accent colors you adore to add interest to an otherwise bland room and adjusting the mood of your room by strategically placed lighting these 3 decor tips will make you love your living room life.

Photo by Hannah Busing

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